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Sunday, September 12, 2010

What's in my closet

Ok, I got this idea from Daily Insanity of a Fashion Addict who got the idea from Elaine of Clothed Much, but frankly it's a great idea (if I can keep it up).

They're keeping a running inventory of clothes in their closet that they have worn on their blog. Each item links back to an outfit they've styled with that item so they can keep track of how often they're wearing an item, and different combination ideas. That way, they can prune out items from their closets that they aren't wearing enough, and fill in holes.

Because I'm pretty new to posting outfits, and previously did so only sporadically, I'm going to start with posts since June. Obviously, there are a lot of clothes that I haven't worn on the blog yet, but hopefully I will continue to update this list as I show the outfits to you.

Find My Closet Inventory Here (also link at side of my blog)


Meli said...

You are so sweet! :) I feel honored to have inspired anyone!

Your blog is new to me, so I will have some fun later on looking through older posts ;) I have added you to my blogroll :D

Lori said...

Welcome! Really, this is seriously such a great idea. I'm really really happy I read about it on your blog!

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