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Friday, September 10, 2010

Leisured Zebra Skirt OOTD + an attempt at better posing

Ok seriously, I'm ALOT happier than I look here. Apparently, when I don't smile in a pic, I look like I think the world is ending.

Anyway, why wouldn't I be happy? Last week when I visited Seattle's downtown Anthropologie for the first time, I scored the Leisured Zebra Skirt by Lil on THIRD CUT! Seriously! $30 down from $148 for a soft, lined, twirly, silk skirt.

They only had one on the sale rack and it was a size 4. It fits me ok. It could be snugger around the waist see (I can pull it about two inches away from my waist):

The length is longer than I'd like (I prefer hems to end at least 2 inches above the knee since I'm only 5'5" longer skirts make my legs look stumpy). I think if it had been a 0 or a 2 it would have worked out better, but it fit well enough. And did I mention it's SOFT and SUPER FLUFFY and FUN TO TWIRL IN?!

In this pic, I actually have my hands in the skirt pockets. They're super far down the skirt rendering them pretty much unusable for stuffing my hands into unless I hunch over like an anorexic model or lift my skirt up and out like I'm about to take flight.

I love this skirt because I can see myself dressing a bit retro (due to its puffy shape) or going a bit more modern. You can see I've done somewhat a mix of both here, bringing out the retro with the socks + heels and bringing in the modern with the rolled sleeve blazer. See additional reviews of this skirt by Goldenmeans and The British Anthropologist.

On Posing and OOTD

Jin from Fru-gal Anthropologie suggested I try running my hands through my hair and looking at my toes to create interesting poses while showing OOTDs.

Tried it this morning:

I think I need to try it again. The way I did it, I basically look really confused by the fact that I have feet.

so back to another staple for me: the open-mouth-jaw drop.

Theory grey striped blazer sz 6 yah, it's too big on me and flares out too far when I button :(, but I thrifted it, so I can't really complain
Anthropologie's Leisured Zebra Skirt sz 4
Banana Republic cowl tank sz XS
Hue gray socks
INC patent pink peep toe heels thrifted from GW, but look like they were never worn

By the way, what do people think about the socks with heels fashion trend?
It's obviously a throw back to the 50's / 60's. A little preppy, a little Mad Men. Would you/have you worn socks with heels?


Cindi said...

You're hilarious, Lori! I couldn't stop laughing. I've always wondered why people take pictures looking at their feet because it seriously make me even more uncomfortable than just smiling for the camera. :) And oh...I'm not sure if I'm a fan of the heels and socks look yet. It reminds me too much of my mom! Haha.

Lori said...

lol, thanks Cindi. I have a new appreciation for models and people who make posing look so effortless. I pretty much look as awkward as I feel most of the time :)

and def lol on the mom in socks+heels combo! If I had that association I probably would definitely stay away from the combo. My association w/ the look is purely from magazines and other media. I associate my mom with Chico's (the store)...

LilMissSeamstress said...

You go girl. oh well practice makes perfect!
I do like open mouth jaw drop better on you. It totally reflects your personality~ You are so funny!

=^_^= said...

Got around to reading your blog. =) At least you look rather natural at posing, and not stiff and awkward. I don't really bother with posing since I'm paranoid that someone will photoshop something mean with my face, but maybe one day I'll lose the paranoia.

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