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Thursday, September 16, 2010

ootd, greys for a grey day!

now edited because in my hurry this morning, I left this blog post in grammatical shambles. sorry peeps!

Quick OOTD today since I have way too much research stuff to write up right now! I was able to snap these pics before running out the door to my chiropractor this morning.

Today's outfit (and photography) was constrained by two factors 1) rain (it's baaaaaaaaaack, aw Seattle!), and 2) my chiropractor appointment. I know you're thinking why would a chiropractor appointment constrain my clothes, LOL? Well, I knew I wanted to wear tights and boots today, but I really wanted to wear a skirt. But when you're flopping around on the chiropractor's bench/chair, a skirt can be uncomfortably revealing. So a skirt was out, but shorts were in!

I stuck to a common color palette(ish) with the tights, shorts, shoes. All these items could visually break up my already short little legs into smaller and chunkier looking pieces. I also wanted a simple soft top to wear to the chiropractor so that she could easily access my spine.

I also needed an outer layer just in case I got cold. This short-sleeved blazer did the trick. One day I decided this blazer needed a little glam, so I threw on a couple of vintage pins on it! BAM! And the pins are now a permanent accessory to this blazer, lol.

The blue belt coordinates in with the blue in one of the pins (and with the scarf I grabbed as I ran out the door for greater warmth insurance). I think the blue adds a bit of color to an otherwise very colorless outfit!

OOTD Specs:

unknown brand (no tags) super soft cream-colored polo shirt unknown size (thrifted $3)
grey/brown H&M shorts ($20) sz 6
grey ribbed tights ($6)
Nine West boots (had these for ages, I think I picked them up at Ross or something for like $20)
Anthropologie grey short-sleeved blazer by Elevenses sz 4 (thrifted $6)
blue skinny belt (thrifted 99 cents)
Vintage pins (one came as a set with some wedding jewelry I bought for around $100, the other pin came off of a sweater I had)

As I was getting dressed this morning, Evan suggested I braid my hair to be like Lara Croft

I didn't braid my hair Croft-style, but here's my kick-butt picture for y'all! Have a great day everyone!


Laura said...

Your OOTD is hot. Love the thin splash of Turquoise with the Gray.

@ Lara Croft "Eat your heart out"


Sarah said...

You thrifted anthropologie. That is some serious thrifting ability. I love the tights with the boots. You look awesome!

LilMissSeamstress said...

Hey funny girl, I am hating the grey weather right now in Baltimore... oh well at least I don't need to water the plant!

And hey! Anthro can also be chiropractor appropriate. Everywhere anthro!!!! I wore Anthro T-shirt to the gym today.

Cindi said...

For someone that didn't know how to pose for pictures, you've sure been promoted model level! You look so great! :) I loved your outfit today. Good for you for wearing shorts on a rainy day like this.

Lori said...

Thanks everyone!

@LilMissSeamstress, dang you must have been so cute at the gym! I totes approve!! :)

@Cindi thanks! I'm still trying! I'm slowly learning what things make me look super awkward. I learned that poses I think will be cute can look completely awkward in real life! I've never done something like this, but I'm thinking it's kinda useful! Maybe I can figure out how to look better in family portraits (hopefully) :)

vintageglam1234 said...

Hey Lori,
Cool outfit, I've got to try the "shorts and stockings" thing one day.
Your lara croft pose made me laugh! what is it about lara croft these days, I seem to be reading other blogs with lara croft references too!


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