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Saturday, September 18, 2010

ootd, and oops on last post

Sorry about the odd last post on spaceship shaped candlesticks. That was my husband who has started blogging his thrifty mid century finds at He accidentally posted here instead. :)

I wasn't planning on posting my OOTD today, but since Evan posted to my blog, I thought I might do an impromptu OOTD post. It's like claiming my territory. I musta learned it from Buddie, my dog. :)

And, guess what?!! After the pouring rain yesterday, I woke up to


So I popped outside to soak it up and do some work! I even needed my sunglasses!

Today I was testing a dress from my closet to see if it needs to be donated. I'm making an effort to do this more and more since I dropped about five sizes over the last year and a half.

Last year this was my go-to easy summer dress. Now it is pretty large on me, especially given it's free-flowy cut. But, belted it's alright. Size wise, it probably doesn't deserve a spot in my closet. As thrifty as I am, I've learned that keeping clothes that don't fit well does me no favors. I only end up looking chunkier and slobbier than I actually am. I suspect as soon as I can emotionally let go of it (do y'all have emotional attachments to your clothes?), I will donate it to Goodwill or post it to my sale blog.

I really love the lace back panel. Still very on trend for this season.

and of course a sweater for later if the day gets cold!

OOTD specs
Purple SopranoSopranoSoprano dress Sz M ($15)
Anthropologie Three Beacons Belt Sz S ($34)
Seychelles brown pumps (thrifted $6)
Anthropologie Blooming Lattice Cardigan by Field and Flower (ebay $40)


Laura said...


Now I will have to go check out hubbies post since you deleted it from here. But how funny that he did that. Was it an accident?

That's amazing that you have lost 5dress sizes. I agree that keeping clothing either too large or too small just adds to your closet clutter. Most of us don't wear outdated clothing. Even from Anthro.

I should follow my own advice. Because I have several much loved items that I am having trouble parting with because they are too large. I keep thing I will have them taken in, but it doesn't happen.

vintageglam1234 said...

Hey Lori
nice outfit, i think it looks fine belted and i can't really tell that it's on the big size - are you sure you want to let go of it?
but if you aren't 100% on it, then perhaps you should let it go.
I have a lot of things in my closet that are either too big or too small. i haven't thrown them out in case i fluctuate in size over time! hehehe

Matt said...

Hi, I'm a new reader, so I hope its okay to comment! That is a cute dress, and the shoes are great too. I understand having a hard time letting go of clothes. Its something I deal with some too, but I've had to learn if it doesn't fit right, it probably needs to go. Anyway, I hope its okay to comment! :)

Lori said...

@GeoInCalifornia yep, def an accident! He was a contributor to my blog a loooooong time ago, and I never removed his permissions. Since this is the most recently updated of "his blogs," somehow this became the default to post to! His post still showed up in my google reader though, even after he deleted it! That's how I knew it happened! haha.

@vintageglammz yah, after wearing it all today, I think I've definitely decided this dress needs to go. The armholes are a bit big and the dress shifts around a lot on me now that I've lost weight.... sometimes it means that the neck or arm holes expose more than I want them too *ahem*. Hubby said I could keep it as a 'wear around the house' dress, but I don't think it's worth it to keep something I need to keep tugging at.

@Matt Welcome to my blog! Of course you're welcome here!!! Lovely to hear from you!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I think the dress belted actually fits you pretty well (and I bet it's comfy too!). I think it is such a pretty dress - too pretty to give up, IMO - but you need to do what is right for your closet.

Holy moly on dropping 5 dress sizes! That is awesome and your look amazing!

Cindi said...

Oh the heck did you lose so much weight!!! What's your secret? Haha...I fluctuate so much in my size and recently lost about 3 sizes before the wedding. I refuse to go back up and blogging is a good way to stay motivated because I plan on blogging about my exercise routines. You look so terrific!!! As long as your weight loss is healthy, good for you!!!!

Lori said...

@Lisa Thanks! I'm going to wash and dry the dress and see if it shrinks enough for comfort in the dryer (I think I've always line dryed it before).

@Cindi congrats on losing three sizes before the wedding! I bet you feel totally fabulous, and y'all will be so happy about your photos years from now! Hubby and I didn't try losing any weight before the wedding, but now we look back at those photos and are pretty amazed at how different we both look (actually we kind of laugh at our wedding pics). We've both since lost a lot of weight. After high school, I stopped exercising completely (and I was a super active child - involved in swimming and tennis teams). When I started exercising in grad school (between 1-3 times a week) I think my metabolism kicked back into high gear, and it was more than a little astonishing how fast I lost weight. My husband doesn't exercise at all, but still lost weight, so we suppose that somehow our food choices must have also changed? But I can't really tell. We still eat lots of fatty tasty foods (pork is totally our favorite meat).

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