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Monday, October 29, 2007


Blurry went to the gym pic. Yay for a quick workout.

Halloween treats!

My sweet potato pie for the office. I am so festive!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ms chef!

Chef Clara in the kitchen. She and ervy made delicious curried food friday while i 'read' for class.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hot n spicy!

Evan going crazy on the food at clara's house

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


This house by green lake was remodeled all summer and it looks really cute... Except they have a life-sized Death hanging above their house.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Workin fly fashion

Mr zach 'stole lori's stunner shades' dude.

Gotta represent yo!

Why the heck would u have such a pot-bellied mascot? This is the retired sonics mascot, the weedle.


How do i measure up? Btw, no one knows what a sasquatch is. The women team, storm, has doppler after the weather radar thing.

4 ur consideration

Evan considering the sonics half time stats like a true fan. We are big fans of sasquatch. Is he some weird kind of wookie?

Basketball suites(sweets)!

My dessert plate @ the sonics suite. My substitute 4 garlic fries.

@ the sonics pre season game vs rockets

Can u tell which is yao ming? He is sooo tall!

Let's boogie.

Clara and casey @ the go map party - gettin their groove on! I forgot dancing could be so fun!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Diversity in seattle?

@ the go map diversity 'get connected' event

If people haven't been able to tell, I finally implemented blogger's 'moblog' deal where I blog with photos from my phone! I just realized I could change the subject on the mms so that the posts don't all say multimedia message. I still can't get vertical photos to work correctly when posting, so for now, I'll only 'moblog' horizontally :)

On the subject of diversity in Seattle, Evan just sent me this link showing the historical segregation maps of the region.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Multimedia message

Today's fog beats yesterday's fog hands down

Multimedia message

Today i got to seven as gorgeous george was leaving. I've learned the chocolate man's name is gregory.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Eating a banana frosted chocolate cupcake go the bellvue mall. I cant believe view got rid of the gourmet ice cream place

Multimedia message

Goat cheese salad. 14 diff types of micro greens

Multimedia message

Delicious shepherds piefrom the ale house

Multimedia message

@ 74th st ale house 4 lunch. Bearded evan in tow

Multimedia message

The view from top pot donuts downtown. Mmm raspberry old fashioned!


Asha wants 2 blog 2!

Multimedia message

Asha wants 2 blog 2!

I love the fog

I've been waking up pretty early (for me), and it of course carries over to weekends. This is somewhat fabulous, because waking up early on the weekends means I have time to read/work while Evan is asleep (which means I don't miss out on quality time while he's awake). This morning I went out to walk to the mail drop box to send off another batch of wedding thank you's. Look how fabulously foggy it was! The best thing was that all the spider webs (and believe me, there are many) were lined in beads of dew, and each one was absolutely breath taking!

I took this foggy opportunity to head out to my favorite neighborhood coffeeshop Seven (right around the corner from my favorite neighborhood brunch place, Pete's Eggnest). The "Chocolate" Man (i.e., maker of all things chocolate in Seven) makes chocolate delicacies on the weekend mornings. Today I had a grilled chocolate sandwich with pepperjack cheese. Sounds like a bit of an odd combo, right? Well, it was scrumptious! The bread was buttered and browned on a pan, leaving the sides rich and a little salty. This contrasted nicely with the rich Belgian chocolate he placed inside and melted against the cheese. The cheese was surprisingly not disturbing in conjunction with the chocolate. It added a nice texture and savory quality to the whole experience. He finished off the sandwich by chopping it into four cute triangles and dusting it with powdered sugar. Yumm-O!

I love the feel of Seattle neighborhood (of course, I'm specifically inclined to love MY Seattle neighborhood, Phinney Ridge/Greenwood). While I was in there, the people of Greenwood neighborhood came in and out. George (of next-door restaurant's Gorgeous George's fame) came in and brought the Chocolate Man some bagels for his special grilled chocolate sandwiches. When asked if he made the bagels, George replied, "No, I got them at Safeway. I am a normal person." I suppose it's very random conversation, but there's something really wonderful about sitting in your neighborhood coffeeshop with so many happy caffeinating neighbors surrounding you. Many of them this morning were shaking their heads at the front window of Seven which had recently been tagged (aka, someone scratched their name across the glass of the front window). Apparently, (according to the baristas), the tagging community normally doesn't hit small business owners. So they supposed this was some teenager (who didn't get the tagging community's memo on the ethics of tagging).

Monday, October 08, 2007


Everyone around me is sick!!

gotta gobble up my vitamin C

Is it time to get a flu shot? Do I even have time to get a flu shot?