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Saturday, July 31, 2004


last night I dreamed I went to meet my family at a buffet in China town. I couldn't find parking anywhere near the place though, so I ended parking like 3 miles away at some geriatric facility.

I somehow ended up at the buffet which was amazing. It was Indian and Chinese food. They put it out in stages. The first couple hours was Indian food. There were a ton of curries, saags, wonderful spicy dishes to fill up on. I ate and ate and ate with my family for hours. We laughed and enjoyed our reunion filled with food. Finally they brought out the dessert at the buffet, and we all lined up and piled our plates high with sweet balls soaked in honey, rice pudding, cakes, and sugary delights. It was only then that I realized that I'd missed a whole coarse. All the Chinese food had been brought out while we'd been eating our Indian food. I saw piles of BBQ pork and spicy chicken. There were all my dim sum favorites. They also had these 4 foot long spring rolls (of the character of those we get at pho, but much longer) both fried and non-fried. I couldn't eat any of this Chinese food though because I had already piled my dessert plate full, and I was stuffed with Indian food. I asked the proprietor if I could take some of the food to go (motioning to the steaming Chinese dishes). She sternly told me that they couldn't allow that at a buffet. They'd lose money.

I went back and ate my dessert with my family for another hour or so. Again the laughter and the food consumed us. We finally stood up out of our fattened stupor only to realize it was 2AM. I suddenly realized I had no idea where I parked, I just knew it was miles away. I asked if my family could give me a lift to help me find my car. We all piled into this car that was open on the sides like a golf cart. It was very odd. We went across this long long bridge at freeway speeds. Since there were no doors, I watched the road speeding by beneath me. I decided that sticking my leg out to drag along the pavement would be fun, even though some part of me realized I would probably have my leg ripped off from me in the process. Still, I only ended up with a nasty scrape on my knee that burned from the running road. My mother of course yelled at me briefly.

Still I couldn't figure out where I parked my car. None of the streets looked familiar. Then suddenly, I recognized a building. I told my parents to let me out there. We hugged our goodbyes and decided we must do this again sometime. I entered the lobby and got in the elevator to take me to the parking structure. There were thirty some odd floors, and I had no idea which level my car was parked on. Indeed, I wasn't aware that parking garages could be that large. A quick replay of a Seinfeld episode of a comparable situation flashed in my head. My exhaustion caught up with me, and I couldn't fathom searching through every level in the lot. So my dream fell to my impatience, and like the Charmed ones, I rhymed a spell to make the location of my car clear to me. That revealed, I went to my car satisfied.

*woke up*

harold and kumar

Last night kiohl, atschuetz, pvirdone, fuwang, ervan, and I went to see Harold and Kumar.

It rocked my socks off. really. suddenly I was barefoot... or wait... was that ervy? well someone had to put their shoes back on anyway.

It was the funniest movie I've seen in FOREVER. I was super pleased, because I normally don't like this style of movie (movies ala dude where's my car, road trip, etc). But this one was awesome and held my interest!

I was saddened to note that on a Friday opening night, the theater was majorly empty... or not very full. whatever. Parry Shen said on his blog that most AAs have gone out and seen it for free, indeed, I would have been one of those myself. But this is a good movie! I want more people to see it and let tinseltown know Asia is ok in non stereotypical roles.

btw. on the way back I was like "I thought Stabler was in this movie... I guess I was wrong on my blog"
but Fu fu mentioned that he had seen the actor's name in the credits. We figured out who he was..

here's a hint...

Thursday, July 29, 2004

firefly theme song

looking for a nice version of the firefly theme song in mp3 format.

I found one here

The Ballad of Serenity:

Take my love, take my land
Take me where I cannot stand
I don't care, I'm still free
You can't take the sky from me

Take me out to the black
Tell them I ain't comin' back
Burn the land and boil the sea
You can't take the sky from me

There's no place I can be
Since I found Serenity
But you can't take the sky from me


we are officially a 2 TiVo household

kid tries to explode his pet bunny

I watch the craigslist pet section out of habit. There are often avid discussions going on (normally people yelling at each other for irresponsible breeding or for moving and leaving their pets behind... or the whole pitbulls are good/bad argument).

The most recent one of the past week is about a college bound kid who decided he wanted to explode his rabbit. CASTRO VALLEY / Lucky bunny escapes explosive demise / Huge firecracker taped to rabbit -- owner charged

Asked why the group decided to tape an illegal M-1000 -- a huge firecracker equivalent to a quarter of a stick of dynamite -- to the animal, Sigmon replied, "Um, that's a real tough question to answer.

of course word only got out because of the kid's blog.

Their downfall came when one of them snapped photos of their alleged deeds and posted them on his Web log, an online diary of sorts. Because nothing on the Internet remains a secret for long, someone who happened upon the photos posted them on Craigslist, the hugely popular bulletin board where people post jobs, sell stuff and look for dates.

sick bastards

harold and Kumar

I had to give up my free passes to see Harold and Kumar go to White Castle... won from Angry Asian Man, because last minute, it seemed neither ervy nor fuson could make it. So ervy gave the passes to an Indian tester at EA.

Ok, but I wanna see the movie this weekend if not tomorrow! AAs represent!

oh and stabler from law and order... also known as that crazy gay dude from Oz is in it too.

Ervy and I have Ipods :)

ervy was surprised... he didn't have a clue!

ok, honestly, but what a headache his cd-r is! It rips cds at horribly slow rates... I'm talking anywhere from .3x to 6.3x! So yesterday I only ripped 25 some odd cds before giving his ipod to him.

Also, does anyone know if ipods are cross platform compatible. I know they CAN work with both Macs and PC's, but, can they switch between them? When I plugged my ipod into the dock attached to ervy's pc box, it had to format the ipod so it could be compatible with the system. So if I plug it into my apple laptop when I get it... does that mean it will have to format it then?

Oh. and I'm worried I'm going to fill up my 40GB and that 20GB isn't going to be enough for ervy. I've barely made a dent into his cd collection... and already we have nearly 3 GB of music. plus I've got to dig all my mp3's out from my early college years... haha that just made me sound super old.'

This reminds me a lot of microcinema, but for non-film media.

Also, they sell the works of art that they display in public places... but not always.

"All pieces not sold by the end of the the opening reception stay up for the course of the week with a price and contact phone number for interested buyers. The gallery is in co-opted public space with no security. Any work not sold at the reception can be sold, stolen, or vandalized during the rest of the show. Artists submit work with these inevitabilities in mind. Most work sells at the opening, but some is always left. The Budget Gallery considers vandalism a form of artistic collaboration, and theft is the highest honor of the Budget Gallery."

This does happen in SF. Why am I so out of it that I haven't heard of it? Blah. The next one is in August... I wanna go!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

joy for joys!

my IPOD came!!! Fedex man said his truck today seems to only be carrying IPODS.


Monday, July 26, 2004

the mysterious package

turned out to be my ipod in-ear headphones. shipped from a company called ACI in california. It came in a manila envelope... I never would have guessed it was my headphones...


damn. my fedex tracking number says that my ipods didn't make the cutoff time on saturday for shipping, so it's being shipped out today... FROM SHANGHAI, CHINA. Blah, I was hoping they'd ship it from the apple store or something around here. Oh well.

oh and my mysterious ups package should be redelivered today. I have no idea what this could be... following the tracking, it looks like it's coming from Canada.

Thursday, July 22, 2004


last night I met up with my friends Peter and Nate for dinner at Ryowa. I found out that I can get the hook up on any software for the Mac, so I'm really leaning towards getting a new powerbook (esp, since I can get a 200 dollar rebate since my rents just bought me an ipod too).

I found out both guys are more timid with asian food than I expected. In fact, Nate apparently hasn't liked any South East Asian cuisine he's tried (this amazes/appalls me). Peter kept asking me what things were, and asking if they were ok to eat. Peter apparently no longer eats sushi anymore because his mom is a sushi fanatic (ie, Peter overdosed on sushi).

After dinner, we met up with Fuson and Ervy at Palo Alto Bowl for a couple games. I bowled horribly, and Fuson bowled like a bowling master. Ooh... ervy got a haircut (this makes me happy) and he shaved (double happiness).

We then went back to fu's place for a small game of poker. We think Peter hustled us... :) That's right Peter... we know your game!

doom_dolly: I MADE EMO KIDS

Adopt Your Own Emo Kid!


one thing I forgot to comment on was that I got my polymer clay mask swap masks earlier this week. This is my second year participating in the swap run by Sarajane Helm.

The idea of the swap is, everyone makes 10 masks out of polymer clay (the same general mask) and sends it back to the swap leader. She then organizes it such that everyone gets one of every mask made, and sends the newly formed groups back to each swapper.

I was in two groups this year, so now I find myself having 20 masks on our coffee table. I will probably put them in a shadow box like last year...

I tried to scan a few, most are too 3D for my scanner to appreciate... but here's a sampling of what I got in the mail...

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

sleepy update

this past weekend was fun. Of note, Sunday was our 2 yr anniversary. We headed out to Santa Cruz and went along the coast. There were lots of people out doing that surfing with kites thing
like this:

The next day I saw the John Kerry had also decided that Sunday was a good day for kitesurfing

We had fun walking around santa cruz (except the parking at the boardwalk was crazy!). We ended up canceling our reservations at evvia because we were too tired and gross from going to santa cruz. Instead we picked up food from our fav. italian place and went home to watch Firefly (series by Joss Whedon).

Monday, July 19, 2004

ok my monitor is just f*cked

great. well, i'll probably salvage my bros laptop and grab his monitor

hopefully that will work. otherwise, i really do have to buy a new laptop *sigh*

WTF??? virus? or what?

this is what my computer looks like when i start to boot it up. It transitions through this weird set of colors and shapes that look vaguely miro like at times. What is up?! it never goes away.

Sunday, July 18, 2004


ugh. i can't believe people are still breeding for these poor things. HAIRLESS GUINEA PIG PUPS AVAILABLE!!! = )

see examples here:

Saturday, July 17, 2004

testing out the new photo blogging service

Originally uploaded by lwu81.

The service is done by flickr. The unfortunate thing, is the user interface on my side blows chunks, because i can't just drag and drop the photos into a browser like I can in Picasa.

There also seems to be a photo limit... (50 photos?). Maybe it becomes unlimited if you pay something... anyway, this is worth checking out for now.

hasta luego peoples

Friday, July 16, 2004

new photo blogging i might try


not the game... although that game was rather fun for a while.
the lame-o psych tech guy still hasn't activated the 2nd ethernet port in the lab, so again, for the 3rd or 4th day in a row, i can't do what I came into work to do! I went by his room to bother him AGAIN, but he's on the phone. I hate to say it, but this man scares me, he can have this evil look that just makes me want to shrink. I try not to talk to him to much. I also think he's nicer to me when I wear less makeup. Ervy thinks I should do actual empirical research on this hunch.... perhaps, but it feels too nerdy in that psych research way.
Last night Fu, Paulie, Ervy, Adam, and I played poker. Ervy and I lost our money to Fuson... wait for it... wait for it... OOOH FUSON! there. I said it.
I brought my new scarf for skye to play with. When we left, I realized that the entire scarf smelled like cat saliva *ewww*, so I went home and washed it. Skye is really funny with the tent I made her. She likes to throw things into the tent (like a wad of paper or a krinkly ball) and trap it there, pouncing on it every once in a while. She seems like a real hunter now.
okay, gonna check again if mr I.T. off the stinkin' phone.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

btw, did i mention i'm pure crazy? Posted by Hello

me in my scarf worn another way Posted by Hello

me in my scarf worn one way... Posted by Hello

Blackchair Label: Manifest Destiny

e and i haven't been able to get back to the city to see more micro cinema (read about microcinema), but the first one we went to was awesome! If you haven't checked out this alternative form of film viewing in your area.. you should. They regularly have screenings in
San Antonio, TX,
San Francisco, CA,
Oakland, CA,
Seattle WA,
Westerly, RI,
Houston, TX, &
Colorado Springs, CO

July 26th @ 111 Minna Gallery
Blackchair Label: Manifest Destiny

In a speech in Cape Town, South Africa, on June 7, 1966, Robert F. Kennedy said, "There is a Chinese curse which says, "May you live in interesting times."

Even though there is no such saying "in Chinese" it is applies all too well to the first decade of the 21st century.

Since 9/11, Afghanistan, and Iraq, Independent Exposure has seen an increasing stream of moving image art submissions that interpret our times. Artists have the gift of focusing on a subject by rendering it abstract - paradoxically stripping away the layers of our consciousness and laying bare a reality for all to plainly see.

Manifest Destiny highlights ten works from international directors that acutely interpret our times. The works range from the humorous, hysterical, ranting, serious, personal to disturbing - yet uniformly interesting."

see individual films' synopsis at link above

haha just teasing

Sir Ervan: do you have any interest in modest mouse concert in the city on saturday?
LoriW14: i want everything to go fast
LoriW14: yes
LoriW14: i would love to
Sir Ervan: yay
LoriW14: what venue?
Sir Ervan: warfield
LoriW14: ? $
Sir Ervan: 50 for 2
LoriW14: including all lame-o charges?
Sir Ervan: nope, that's raw ticker price from some guy at EA
LoriW14: ok
Sir Ervan: damn, nm already gone :-(
LoriW14: aww

this scarf consists of two yarns, one is a deep thick purple yarn, the other is a green yarn that has lots of threads hanging off of it to make a fluffy scarf. I will post a full pic of it later when i actually feel like posing with it on. Posted by Hello

up close and personal to my new scarf. knitted yesterday Posted by Hello

lifted from AngryAsianMan (video/quicktime Object)

from a documentary on the Chink's Restaurant. Just hear some interviews with some people who think Chink is a fine word to use and an inoffensive term

QuickKwiz : meme

QuickKwiz : Bloggers' Quiz - which of your LJ friends would come to see you perform at a strip club?

which of your LJ friends would come to see you perform at a strip club?
LJ Username
slips you a 20 mikey6
receives a lapdance from you octapop
gets extra favors after the show mikey6
buys you a drink meanjunglist
gets kicked out by the bouncer for licking the pole ervan
doesn't tip you at all,that fucker mikey6
This QuickKwiz by MODernSlut - Taken 12860 Times.
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Mikey6: you're all over my strip joint!

Pee Wee Herman Parade

From Catastrofia's Blog:
Celebrate Pee Wee Herman on Paul Reubens Day!
July 24th , 1pm Meet at Zeitgeist (Duboce and Valencia)13 long years ago one man dared to stand erect for what he believed in, his right to touch his own
private place in a public place. The Con however, would not let this man who brought joy and A.D.D. to the lives of so many, escape from the South Trail triple x Cinema theater in Sarasota Florida unscathed. He was arrested and humiliated for onanistic urges and the uncomfortable mental visuals of a man with a red bowtie around his peter. We are here to celebrate the beautiful
melding of porn and playfulness, smut and silliness, filth and frivolity, and anything that can make us SCREAM REALLY LOUD.

So join us! Don your favorite grey suit or flasher-wear, become a big stuffed chair or a disembodied genie head for a day and ride on this Big Adventure through the Mission! And the best Pee-wee or F(riends)O(f)P(ee-wee) costume wins amagical radical amazical prize!!!!

We will be meeting at Zeitgeist at 1pm and will be playing until about 7pm. This year a $5 donation will be required for the secret special surprise
part of the day, and of course bring money for booze or toys or whatnot. Wear comfortable (white) shoes and remember tissues (preferably used and
red bowties required!

When: Saturday, July 24 2004 1 pm
Location: The Zeitgeist (and parade route through the Mission)
Duboce @ Valencia, San Francisco"


Sounds like it could be fun/interesting time to just go and hangout or dress up (might be too much effort at this stage)

btw, good morning everyone! :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

gmail swap: the swaps

My brother traded 10 gmail accts for a new Canon digital elph. He already got it. It's brand new. I'm freakin' jealous.

he was on that site, and actually found a legit person giving away a free digital camera. Other people will supposedly not vote for Bush if you give them gmail

After we first got to the iTunes party and realized our mistake, Roxy and I went outside the W to call Amit to tell him not to bother to come. This man approached us wearing a suit. He spread his arms out like a bird and said, "I love standing here like this in the wind. I love it when the wind blows my jacket up. I'm like superman. Here I come to save the day!" Roxy and I smiled and backed away slowly. Posted by Hello

House of Nanking

After the ipod party, Roxy, Amit, and I trekked over to the House of Nanking for dinner and to meet Steve-dawg (*side note... i consistently heard him being called Steve Jobs...*). The food was pretty good, despite my skepticism (the clientele were all white folk).

I was amused at an article from the SF Examiner posted on the wall... It said something about going to House of Nanking to enjoy its "intensive flavors." This pic was taken after dinner, and is quite possible one of the worst pics ever of me. Posted by Hello

DJ Solomon. The device he's got his hand on is a CD player that allows a cd to be treated somewhat like a record. you can rotate the thing he's got his hand on, and the cd will back up, speed up, scratch, etc. Posted by Hello

At the W

Last night Roxy, Amit, and I went to the itunes party at the W. As soon as we walked in, we felt underdressed and underage. Apparently, we were not the target group for this shindig.

We spent most of the evening chatting it up with the DJ whose only requirement for the gig was to play music off of his ipods. He actually fed the ipods through his computer and used a program called FinalScratch. He had turntables that were digital... something about laying down the code before it reads it again... but i'm not sure on that. The turntables helped recreate the traditional DJ experience, so he could spin them backwards and scratch. Indeed they were so realistic, they even skipped once.

The DJ's name was Solomon (I think, it was very hard to hear). He was superbly dressed up in a dressed down way. He had obviously put alot of care into how he looked that evening, just in a dressed down way.  Posted by Hello


W Ketchup

'You don't support Democrats. Why should your ketchup?'

found on Socktopi's Blog

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

uber sleepy

I'm uber sleepy right now. I've also committed myself to going to this iTunes party in SF with Roxy. It sounds fun, and I could win an ipod (i hope i hope i hope!). Blah, but I don't drive in the city (I also don't drive to airports... just a stupid phobia of mine). So now roxy and I are trying to figure out navigating through public transport. Thinking about it makes me sleepy... yawn....

So ervy and I are officially moving into our place August 15th. Also, the current tenant wants to sell us some of his stuff (like his washer and dryer etc) which is neat because then we don't have to go searching/moving more stuffs. Ervy is picking up a standing portable dishwasher for our new place tonight from a guy named Kim in SF. (to me it's just odd to have Kim be a guy's name). Blah, and I still want a kitty.

Right now I'm at work, waiting for the new computer next to me to get on the network. I'm using this old ass mac that I cannot stand. I have to say, I'm tempted to get a new Apple. iLife software seems really cool. And OS X is pretty, and much more functional than these other crap mac os. I was amazed at the size of the G5 when I pulled it out of the box. It's a huge weighty structure. Eh, I just don't see myself migrating to Macs.

Monday, July 12, 2004

emily's house warming

This weekend ervy and I went over to Emily's house warming party. I have to say, much props to her, her place is awesome! It's big and nice and it's in the middle of town so it's like city living without all the crap that might normally come with life in downtown.

There was a tasty potluck with lots of food. Fu made a tasty tasty noodle salad that Paulie couldn't enjoy because of all the cilantro.

I also got a chance to meet Kalu, Emily's birdie. Kalu is the awesomest birdie ever! She is super sweet and super smart (esp. about not poopin' on people) Posted by Hello

Thursday, July 08, 2004

This is the first one I made, I goofed a couple places although you can't see it. And the opening is a little small so i'll save it in case we get a kitten Posted by Hello

this is the second cat tent I made. the opening is larger so I'm giving this one to Skye. Posted by Hello

I've been busy sewing cat tents. I couldn't resist crafting. I got in a really unhappy mood yesterday, so I needed to do something happy and productive. These are so cute! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

my sick day web meanderings

i stumbled across these pages

apparently there are cats that hate bush and dogs that hate bush websites

it seems to be mainly another forum for posting pictures of your furry loved one, but with a amusing political pretense.

for atschuetz: hey does skye hate bush? maybe skye should start being more politically active.

oh yeah... here's a graduation pic. those darn hats never look good on me. I look retarded. Albert Bandura spoke at our diploma ceremony. He was not the best speaker in the world, and he came dressed in robes from one of the many schools that gave him an honorary degree. The robe he choose to wear looked like the pope's outfit, except he had this weird blue jester like hat that went with it. Posted by Hello

My mother and grandmother insisted on taking a photo in front of this Buddha in a shopping mall in Las Vegas. They just saw it as an image of Buddha, not as a gross masturbation in their culture/religion.

the words above the Buddha say, "May Lucky Brand bestow upon you eternal luck and good fortune" in the traditional "asian" font. Lucky Brand is a brand of jeans I believe. It's just sad really.  Posted by Hello

This is me doing indoor skydiving in Las Vegas. It was way too hot because we went late in the day. It was basically 106 degree air rushing around me the whole time. I have a video. If e helps me to digitize it, it will be posted here Posted by Hello

Also at the church in West Virginia. This crucified Jesus was massive, and it towered above the wedding party. Posted by Hello

this has been laughed at and pointed out as a very unflattering picture of my brother who is at an odd gangly stage where some body parts (like his nose) are out of proportion with the rest of his body. Still, I took this picture because the text above the church doors amused me. I thought it may be some odd translation from something in the bible, but some bible totin' friends don't seem to think so.. (i actually don't know that they're bible-totin'. They just have probably read it more carefully than I have read it) Posted by Hello