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Thursday, July 29, 2004

kid tries to explode his pet bunny

I watch the craigslist pet section out of habit. There are often avid discussions going on (normally people yelling at each other for irresponsible breeding or for moving and leaving their pets behind... or the whole pitbulls are good/bad argument).

The most recent one of the past week is about a college bound kid who decided he wanted to explode his rabbit. CASTRO VALLEY / Lucky bunny escapes explosive demise / Huge firecracker taped to rabbit -- owner charged

Asked why the group decided to tape an illegal M-1000 -- a huge firecracker equivalent to a quarter of a stick of dynamite -- to the animal, Sigmon replied, "Um, that's a real tough question to answer.

of course word only got out because of the kid's blog.

Their downfall came when one of them snapped photos of their alleged deeds and posted them on his Web log, an online diary of sorts. Because nothing on the Internet remains a secret for long, someone who happened upon the photos posted them on Craigslist, the hugely popular bulletin board where people post jobs, sell stuff and look for dates.

sick bastards


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