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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bus blogging

We're all so sleepy! This quarter has been going so quickly, and i never got to catch my breath since last quarter! The weather is a bit fickle lately. I did manage to mow the strip of lawn near the curb using the fab push mower i found at goodwill. The weeds are winning go my yard, but i still have lofty planting goals. This weekend is the master gardeners sale where i can pick up some great plants that should thrive in our region.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Midweek musings

It's Wednesday. I dont know how these weeks all mush together. I need more sleep. Im not sure what's wrong, but EVERYONE is grumpy and unhappy.

I made cupcakes 4 clara this week. I missed "cupcake week" on Martha Stewart by a week! The frosting was amazing; it tasted like light and airy strawberry ice cream. It was a strawberry buttercream from Martha's website. I ended up using 3/4 cup butter instead of 1 cup, and I used a big jar of organic strawberry preserves. My frosting was a bit runnier than I would have liked, so I'll try to add maybe less butter next time? Any ideas? Ming--cooking chef man... advise me!

As a side note, I have no idea where the picture above is from, but I found it on my phone while I was on the bus, and I figured I'd blog it :)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I got this fortune last week. Probably one ofthe best cookie sentiments a researcher could hope for.