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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Frogs in the bathroom

My MIL decorated the guest bathroom with happy lighted froggies

Lunch in H-town

Venezuelan food for lunchy

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dad's bday cake

I made dad a cake today. It's chocolate with raspberry buttercream meringue frosting with red currant jelly between the layers. Too bad we can't bring it over today cuz of the snow! Happy birthday dad!


Here I caught the snowboarder going down the street. It's crazy because I can't even see the road! Buddie loved the snow. He made me take him out for a walk so he could prance through the powder next to the children on sleds. I got snow up my nose just by breathing!

Monday, December 15, 2008


I was impresssed people even remembered to include the teenage mutant ninja turtles

Pull my sleigh

A troop of chocolaty men forced to pull batman's sleigh?


Some things seemed a little dark. Wonderwoman soliciting Santa?


The modeled facial expressions were great in this one. I love the
bear's bulging eyes

Child's toy collection

This gingerbread house was modeled off of a child's room full of super hero toys


Although mario's expression could have looked a little more intelligent

More mario

They were clever to have the plants at different stages rising from
the ground. There was even a stomped koomba.

Mario gingerbread

I guess mario is a super hero for rescuing the princess? I liked the
cure details on this. There was even glowing sugar lava at the bottom.

Mega gingerbread houses

I was hoping these would be cool life size houses made of gingerbread that u could walk into. Instead they were more like gingerbread dioramas made by different architectual firms. The theme was 'super heroes'. This one below featured everyday heroes. ..