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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

still alive

kinda. I think I may be getting sick. I just came back from visiting my first grad school. It was absolutely fabulous. I have so much fun talking with people in my cohort and professors and graduate students about what I want to do research on, and how we could all collaborate together. I even networked on the plane on the way home even though I was exhausted!!!

I ended up sitting next to a hapa prospective PhD student in bio statistics, and we chatted about our research interests, our stress about grad school decisions, and even our family history (we decided that our great grandfathers must have known each other back in China).

I'm about to leave tonight for two more weeks of visiting schools. I'm bouncing from school to school with a humongous suitcase and about 10 lbs of psychology papers to read! I'm very tempted to bring knitting, but I'm afraid if I do, I won't do the reading I need to before meeting with more professors. I have finished a Jayne hat again (need to weave in the ends), and started a My So Called Scarf with some GORGEOUS pink yarn that ervy bought me for Valentines Day! Last night I was so sad I hadn't touched my spinning wheel in a while that I started spinning a beautiful combination of earthy natural brown wool I picked up from the farmer's market and some light white an blue cloud-like wool I processed.

Anyhoosit, just coming up for a quick breath before I stomp out of here...