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Friday, August 27, 2004

yarns and knits

bought two new skeins of yarn last week from knitter's studio in menlo park last week so that i could make a scarf for my mom and my nai nai.

honestly, i need to avoid that store, because it's a dangerous money sink for me. Unfortunately, the store also seems to be a very social and nice place for knitters to get together and knit. I did pick up a card for the redwood city stitch n' bitch meetings, perhaps I will go to one of those.

another crazy on craigslist

As usual, there is drama on the pet boards. This woman told everyone that they should bowdown to her and goes on to explain how wonderful she and her life is.


Reply to: see below
Date: 2004-08-26, 8:29PM PDT

Actually we do agree on one thing. People like you should bow down to people like me.
I live in a 7 digit figure house. I work only because I want to not because I have to. My salary is in the 6 digits and so is my husbands. We both hold very high positions in the Silicon Valley. My son goes to a very highly noted and very expensive private school. My 12 week old son has a nanny. I have a dog walker during the day who also does all the poop scooping. I also have a Gardener and a housekeeper. I prefer to spend my time with my animals and children then gardening or doing housekeeping chores.
I also donate a considerable amount to the Santa Clara Humane Society every month even though both my dogs did not come from the shelter. I also donated a considerable amount to the Walknwag and plan on donating to the Bark in the Park.

And you should laugh your ass off a little. I am sure you can use to lose a couple dozen pounds off your lazy fat arrogant ass. I am fortunate to have a personal trainer and am also a member of the Decathlon in Santa Clara which is a very exclusive club. I also have weekly spa treatments in Los Gatos.
And I completed my Masters in Computer Science with a minor in Sociology.
If I had any "grammar" errors it's because I have an admin. to do all the typing for me at my office and I have better things to do with my time then double check every word and comma and punctuation is in place.

And what, may I ask, did you get your Masters in? "

Thursday, August 26, 2004


my stress levels are through the roof. I can feel it, and it makes me sick. I need a good scream in aggravation! This time, I love how she implied that I might be an idiot.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

quick post

Ervy and I have been super busy with moving and what not so I haven't been able to post. So in the future I should be posting about:

- the wonderful and amazing Alton Brown, who we met in person at the Stanford Shopping Center on Saturday

- the difficulty finding beautiful white girls

- my cool new neighbors and their awesome house (which we got a tour of last night briefly). I could totally borrow sugar from these people! Eggs even!

and my friend marlow is in town only until Friday (back from China). I completely want to see her, I just hope I can get all my moving done (and work) so I'm not so busy.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

oh, look at all the pretty people

so i have my first RA assignment from the peeps at the B school. They're doing an experiment having to do somewhat with personal gain factoring into decisions made by people with power.

My duty, find a bunch of pretty white girls and take pictures of them. Ok, so not really along the pretty lines, but more along the omg-she's-hot line. And they have to look like they could go to Stanford, but not be connected with Stanford (so people won't recognize them).

So I get to head out to the mall sometime to find these hot white females.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

knitting aspirations

I've now learned how to do the stitches for this type of scarf (as first seen by me on

it is sooooo pretty, so I had to learn how to do it. Apparently it's actually quite simple and just involves extra wrapping and dropping of stitches. See here.

after I've done a couple drop stitch scarves, I may want to have fun trying to make this scarf. instructions here. from

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

i may want to make him his own bean bag chair tho

also from nearly hairless club

apparently i just fill it with bedding instead of beans or whatever


dresses for Guinea Pigs

I don't think i'd do this to skeeter, I imagine he'd be mad at me if I did

from the nearly hairless club website


Moved a carload of boxes today to the new place. I even parked in the garage for the first time! I'm not going to unpack yet tho, per ervy's suggestion. When we went on the walk through with our landlord on sunday, he mentioned some termite damage in the floors. Upon further inquiry, we found out that the roofers that had just redone the roof had discovered a termite problem.
so now the landlord is getting estimates on fumigation and what not. so we don't want to unpack things if the place will be fumigated soon.
and it may put kitty getting on hold. more. how frustrating.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Recycling Sweaters

IMG_1812, originally uploaded by lwu81.

So having been to Michael's not too long ago, I realized the store did not have the range of types of yarns I would like to explore in knitting. I had been looking to get into natural fibers since it would be easier to block my scarves afterwards to get rid of the curling problem I have.

The purple chenille sweater above is one I had in my donation pile as it had managed to become too short on me. The two balls of yarn to the side of the sweater were the arms of the sweater.

Today I stopped by st. vincent de paul to look for other good sweaters to recycle into my scarves. I plan to go back until the end of august to look at teh sweaters since they're all 50% off until then.

I picked up this GAP sweater

for $4. It's 50% acrylic, 45% mohair, 5% wool. It's in some fun colors tho for a scarf. I've already dissassembled the front panel and one arm. Here's one of the hanks from that

I also picked up another large greenish sweater that's 100% lambswool. I intend to make a great collection of these recycled yarns so this fall I can knit up a bunch of scarves for the winter.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Bay Area Free Wi-Fi Wireless Hotspots

Bay Area Free Wi-Fi Wireless Hotspots

this link was nice and useful for me today. I now know where I'm headed for coffee!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

what if microsoft made the original NES games?

sorry to be so linky today...

but this is very amusing.

what if microsoft made the original NES games?


Phillipino Wedding guests eat victim

uh. ick.

mp3 bloggers

An interesting article from the morning news on mp3 bloggers. I actually didn't know of them before. But seeing as how I like exploring new music, this might be a way to find some.

article on mp3 bloggers

A couple of the mp3 blogger links:
Mystical Beast
large hearted boy

most of these have links to other big mp3 bloggers so y'all can find the one ya most click with!

Tuesday, August 10, 2004


testing new comment system since old was was messing with my blog

Angry Car Lady

fuckedupNote, originally uploaded by lwu81.

Note says, "Park more courteous - can't say please cause people like you is why the worlds all fucked up"

She was apparently mad that I parked a couple feet too far from the red zone on the curb. In my defense, it would have been very difficult for anyone to park in front of me even if I had been parked next to the red (I know because I moved it up to the red after I found out about the mad lady) unless they drove a mini or a z3. Furthermore, there was actually quite a lot of parking on the street still available.

Blah. Apparently my poor parking is the bane of the world.

Monday, August 09, 2004

the who

Saturday ervy and I went to go see The Who play at Shoreline.

I actually hadn't listened to the Who much before this, although one of their cds is loaded on my ipod.

Ervy got the tix from work, so we were VIPs. This meant: 1) pink ticket, neon yellow wristband, 2) special entrance, 3) special terrace area with a bar and free appetizers and root beer floats, 4) free picture, 5) box seats

overall, the concert was a lot of fun. The real who fans let me know what songs they thought were good. There was much standing, lighter waving, and dancing during the good songs, and during the bad songs, they sat down or left to go get drinks. I personally thought they were pretty good. Unfortunately, I don't think they could really do some of their songs as well as they used to. There were a couple songs where one of the leads was flat the whole time. Other times, the other lead wouldn't really have the timing down on the song, and he'd be going just a tad slower in the beginning than the rest of the band.

one of the men in our box kept lighting up. He bought us all drinks, even though none of us had any idea who he was.

update---- sfgate review of concert

Once one of the greatest rock bands to ever walk the face of the earth, the mighty Who has been reduced to a pair of middle-aged gentlemen propped up by professional sidemen, running through a crisply efficient, vigorous version of the band's old program.


I'm still feeling like i have a cold today. i can't believe i caught a cold during summer. sheesh. the nerve of some cold bugs!

Sunday, August 08, 2004


Originally uploaded by lwu81.

Today after going to Costco and OSH with paulie, e and I returned home. We walked into our courtyard between the parking lot and our corridor. I mentioned that I was hoping to see the little kitten that has moved into someone's apt on the 2nd floor (ooh how bad of them!).
Ervy then pointed out the very sad kitty that was in front of us. I hadn't noticed him in the shade. It was dreadfully skinny and its fur was quite dull and dirty. It was surrounded by a swarm of flies and bees. The worst thing about this kitty was its wounds. It had obviously been in some sort of fight. It was missing it's nose and entire top of its mouth, leaving a gaping hole in its face that flies continued to try to land in.

I put food out for the kitty and water. We called Palo Alto Humane Society and SPCA, but before someone arrived the kitty wandered off, and I couldn't find him after that.

Friday, August 06, 2004


"Not only are there snakes that ppl may be feeding missing pets too....the bay area is also filled with asians, who are known to eat cats and dogs. Guard your animals "

um. inappropriate much?

Sunday, August 01, 2004

1st post from my new puter!

Ervy bought me a shiny new laptoppy today! It's a 12" Apple Powerbook G4 with a superdrive! uh, can i say, "Super-YAY!"
Just gotta load it with software now. it's so cute and happy and pretty. so much wonderful consideration went into the OS. woohoo!