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Monday, November 14, 2005

Guest Blogging: Mail foodie goodness

Hey, wait, you’re not Lori! What’re you doing here?

I’m guest-blogging you silly people! Lori is underwater (not literally) trying to get all her grad apps and such done so I’m tending (literally) to some bloggy business. Normally, I live over at skeet’s place (Skeeter is our guinea pig) and stick to politics and the like. Anyhow, onward, to the blogging!

Oh, procrastination! How you have bested us with your alluring laziness and welcoming slothy embrace.

We have been remiss in blogging about a quite-the-lovely package as part of the Blogging By Mail (3) food-picture-recipe exchange. About a week or so ago we received a box of tastiness and soon-to-be-tastiness from Stef (aka Stefoodie) in faraway Pennsylvania. Stef sent us a bag of Pan de Sal (Filipino bread) along with the recipe for it, a recipe for Ensaymada Espesyal (another kind of bread), her local food-shop flyer, a picture of her kitchen and a nice note.

Unfortunately, the Pan de Sal through either mail mishap or just transit flattened into little squished bread bits, but we’re hoping to whip up a batch of our own. The recipe is super double top secret because Stef is writing a cook book, but I tracked down another one online so you can get the idea.

Here’s all the stuff that popped out of the wonderful box:

The flyer(s)

Nikko (not in the box) on the flyer(s)

The note

Stef’s kitchen

So there you go! Despite our lazitude, we managed to get this up. We’re sending out our package a bit late tomorrow full of tasty vittles.

Thank you, BBM3 Friend (aka Stefoodie)!

Monday, November 07, 2005

illicit cupcake recipes

hmm.. for those who were asking for it...

while I don't know that I can provide the copy of Magnolia's cupcake recipe, let me point out that it may be online somewhere already.

Unfortunately (much to ervy's unending dissappointment), I didn't get to make a cake for my brother. My mom called and told me that they had too much leftover cake from his surprise bday party so they brought over the half of the cake that was left and we shared that too... man, Will totally missed out on that magnolia cake tho!

Friday, November 04, 2005


I was so proud of myself for getting my NSF application in yesterday on time (well possibly 2 minutes late, but the site said it was accepted...) and handling all the work on this crazy law review article.

Then this morning I kicked myself. I totally forgot to get tickets to see the Dalai Lama speak on campus today. He's here, and I can't see him *wah!*

I'm seeing my brother tomorrow to celebrate his birthday so I get to bake him a cake *Yay*! I was going to make it shaped like a car, because he just turned 16. But now, I'm thinking it's a bad idea since I just heard he didn't pass the driving test. He's really depressed too, poor kid.