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Friday, November 04, 2005


I was so proud of myself for getting my NSF application in yesterday on time (well possibly 2 minutes late, but the site said it was accepted...) and handling all the work on this crazy law review article.

Then this morning I kicked myself. I totally forgot to get tickets to see the Dalai Lama speak on campus today. He's here, and I can't see him *wah!*

I'm seeing my brother tomorrow to celebrate his birthday so I get to bake him a cake *Yay*! I was going to make it shaped like a car, because he just turned 16. But now, I'm thinking it's a bad idea since I just heard he didn't pass the driving test. He's really depressed too, poor kid.


Carmell said...

i've been lurking here every day... now you got me waiting to see this cake cause those cup cakes look delish!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

Hi, Can you tell me how you worked with feathers? Did you buy the feathers ready to put into your spinning, or did you wash, dye, or in any other way treat the feathers first? I have duck feathers that I want to put into some handspun trims, but am nervous to do so 'blind' as it is since I've never worked with feathers before. Thanks for any help!

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