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Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Friday! This green cardi sure gets around... Lands End Canvas Cardigan Review

Happy Friday everyone! I'm taking off for a good friend's wedding in Chicago this weekend, but I wanted to play a little catch up on some outfit posts.

I've found that this past year I've really focused on expanding my cardigan collection. As much as I like sweaters, cardigans are perfect for me since I feel like I'm constantly temperature regulating between warm buses, chilly outdoor weather, and warm or cold office temperatures. A cardigan gives me the flexibility of buttoning all the way up if I'm cold, opening up if I'm slightly warm, or easily slipping off the outer layer when I'm warm (and easily slipping it on when I get a sudden chill). I've been slowly whittling down my collection of non-cardi sweaters because I find them less versatile.

What I've found as I've grown my cardigan collection. 1) I really like cardigans from Anthropologie for very whimsical and different looks. 2) I love J.Crew and Lands End Canvas cardigans for basic good quality cardigans in wonderful colors. I seem to be collecting cardis in a multitude of colors.

When we moved into Spring and Summer, I really wanted a lighter green cardigan. So I tried out the Lands End Canvas Heritage Cardigan. I found the cotton wonderfully soft and the fit is wonderful. It is a semi-fine knit that seems like it will hold up well. It's slim through the body and arms keeping me from looking like a bag.

I got this cardigan in an XXS but I got other cardigans in XS to try out sizing. I found that both sizes had a great slim fit, but the XXS pulls a bit more at the buttons when I button-up. So I'd think I'd be more likely size up to an XS in their cardigans (For reference, I typically take XS in J.Crew cardigans too).

This is the Lands End Canvas Heritage Cardigan size XXS in Dew Green. You can find the cardi on sale here in various colors ranging from $21.99 (sale colors) to $39.50

OOTD 1 specs:
Anthropologie Seabound Skirt by We Love Vera sz 0 ($30)
Anthropologie Winding Road tank by Little Yellow Button sz XS ($20)
Lands End Canvas Heritage Cardigan in Dew Green sz XS ($25)
Preview white sandals ($15)

OOTD 2 specs:

Lands End Canvas Heritage Cardigan in Dew Green sz XS ($25)
Anthropologie Bright Bolts Sash sz S/M ($20)
Anthropologie Caulerpa necklace ($10)
Gap ethnic print dress sz XS (thrifted $7)

[edited to add a few close-ups of the cardigan construction. I only just remembered I took these when I first got the cardi!]

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It's that time of the month again... (no not that time, lol) Everybody Everywhere! This month the theme is lace. It gave me the chance to wear my lace cardigan again.

This time, I thought it'd be fun to pair it with something a bit more low-key, chambray shorts! I topped it with a blazer for work.

I think I like it better the way I wore it the first time (see below), with a high waisted skirt. But it was fun to play with it in another outfit :)

How I wore this lace cardigan before (pretty much the same, just changed bottoms and accessories!!)

EBEW Lace outfit specs
Xhilaration lace cardigan sz M ($10)
black Kirkland tank sz S ($6?)
DKNY Jeans Chambray shorts sz 2 ($7 sale)
Preview white sandals ($15)
Samlin grey blazer (thrifted $7)

Lace | Everybody, Everywear

Monday, June 13, 2011

"Galileo why are you so suprised?"

As promised, here are pics from the weekend of me in a poofy hat (apparently called a tam - different from the typical undergraduate mortarboard because it is eight-sided and poofy).

These robes do wonders for the figure. Really.

Thank you for all the congratulations. The hooding ceremony was pretty nice. We all gave speeches. I cried. I made other people cry. There were 19827392792392 photos taken.

Here's one with my advisor and my BFF (also in poofy hat garb).

About a third of us going through this year's hooding still have to defend. That's me too. It will likely happen in end of Summer, early Fall for me.

Beneath the purple-y robes was of course Anthro!

My husband couldn't quite get over how much he thought I looked like Galileo (although we can't find a pic of Galileo in this type of hat). So whenever I made a face like this at him:

He'd say "Galileo, why are you so surprised?"

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Trippin' to the Maxi

Some little birds have been telling me that they need more to read here...or an update or something.

Y'all who know me know I'm not a strapless dress kinda gal. Nor am I truly a maxi dress convert. I think they look great on other people. But I'm clumsy. I trip over the hems walking up stairs. And Seattle rains often enough that I worry about tripping around with soggy hems.

But here I am. I couldn't resist these large tropical print flowers.

To keep myself from constantly tugging up the top, I added some loops to the inside and threw on some removable bra straps. I then threw a blazer on to hide the straps. A belt reigned in the 'pregnancy' look. And a bright red pop of a necklace added some extra visual pop! I even managed to keep from tripping...too much. :P

So ok birdies, how were those crumbs :)?

Ev's parents and my fam are in town for my departmental hooding ceremony (for doctoral students). I get to wear large purple robes and a funny looking puffy purple hat. Perhaps a photo of the outfit will make the blog. I'm all about embarrassing silly photos. Why not one with a puffy hat?

Till next time birdies!

Trippin' to the Maxi OOTD Specs
Xhilration chase boho ruffle strapless dress - blue floral maxi sz S (thrifted $5)
Curio Nine tan ruched-sleeved blazer sz S (thrifted $5)
H&M brown belt ($10)
chunky red necklace (thrifted $6)