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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Trippin' to the Maxi

Some little birds have been telling me that they need more to read here...or an update or something.

Y'all who know me know I'm not a strapless dress kinda gal. Nor am I truly a maxi dress convert. I think they look great on other people. But I'm clumsy. I trip over the hems walking up stairs. And Seattle rains often enough that I worry about tripping around with soggy hems.

But here I am. I couldn't resist these large tropical print flowers.

To keep myself from constantly tugging up the top, I added some loops to the inside and threw on some removable bra straps. I then threw a blazer on to hide the straps. A belt reigned in the 'pregnancy' look. And a bright red pop of a necklace added some extra visual pop! I even managed to keep from tripping...too much. :P

So ok birdies, how were those crumbs :)?

Ev's parents and my fam are in town for my departmental hooding ceremony (for doctoral students). I get to wear large purple robes and a funny looking puffy purple hat. Perhaps a photo of the outfit will make the blog. I'm all about embarrassing silly photos. Why not one with a puffy hat?

Till next time birdies!

Trippin' to the Maxi OOTD Specs
Xhilration chase boho ruffle strapless dress - blue floral maxi sz S (thrifted $5)
Curio Nine tan ruched-sleeved blazer sz S (thrifted $5)
H&M brown belt ($10)
chunky red necklace (thrifted $6)


Sammie said...

Hi Lori! Congrats on the hooding ceremony! I love that maxi dress on you, the print is gorgeous :)

Jenn said...

Congratulations on the doctorate! I love the maxi on you. I recently tried the trend too. And I know what you mean about strapless dresses, they never work out for me. Adding the removable bra straps were genius, I definitely should give it a try.

Rachel said...

It looks great and aren't they sooo comfortable?! The belt is a great addition!

gck said...

Congrats! Do we call you Dr. Lori now? :)

Melissa said...

GORGEOUS!!! This makes me want to try a maxi dress at work now. You really look incredible!

You should totally take a picture in your purple garb. And yes, can we call you Dr. Lori now? :)

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kristin said...

This dress looks great on you! Can't wait to see your puffy hat:) Congrats!

Jamie - Thrifty Threads said...

Congrats on finishing up your doctorate. So, so exciting! Teehee --- yes, purple hat pictures, please!

And I love your maxi dress. It looks great on you! I am just building up my collection of maxis and am on the hunt for more. The print on yours is gorgeous -- too bad it was thrifted so I can't buy it for myself!

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