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Monday, June 13, 2011

"Galileo why are you so suprised?"

As promised, here are pics from the weekend of me in a poofy hat (apparently called a tam - different from the typical undergraduate mortarboard because it is eight-sided and poofy).

These robes do wonders for the figure. Really.

Thank you for all the congratulations. The hooding ceremony was pretty nice. We all gave speeches. I cried. I made other people cry. There were 19827392792392 photos taken.

Here's one with my advisor and my BFF (also in poofy hat garb).

About a third of us going through this year's hooding still have to defend. That's me too. It will likely happen in end of Summer, early Fall for me.

Beneath the purple-y robes was of course Anthro!

My husband couldn't quite get over how much he thought I looked like Galileo (although we can't find a pic of Galileo in this type of hat). So whenever I made a face like this at him:

He'd say "Galileo, why are you so surprised?"

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!


Jenn said...

I absolutely love the hat!!! Congratulations!!

Melissa said...

That's funny. :) Congrats again! I love that your yellow shoes worked so well with the purple robe. Once a style blogger, always a style blogger. :)

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Kay said...

Congrats! Doesn't the outfit make you feel EXTRA SMART?! LOL

Sammie said...

congrats again lori! :)

vintageglam1234 said...

Hahaha! Congrats Lori!! You look so intelligent in that hat!

Loraine said...

Congrats! And yay for the Caranday! (There is one on eBay right now with a Buy It Now of $288!!!)

LC said...

Congrats Lori! I drove by the stadium right before graduation started...hope it was fun for you!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Congrats, girl! What a happy day!

SRP said...

I'm late with this comment, but congratulations Galileo!!

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