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Ok, I got this idea from Daily Insanity of a Fashion Addict who got the idea from Elaine of Clothed Much, but frankly it's a great idea (if I can keep it up).

They're keeping a running inventory of clothes in their closet that they have worn on their blog. Each item links back to an outfit they've styled with that item so they can keep track of how often they're wearing an item, and different combination ideas. That way, they can prune out items from their closets that they aren't wearing enough, and fill in holes.

Because I'm pretty new to posting outfits, and previously did so only sporadically, I'm going to start with posts since June. Obviously, there are a lot of clothes that I haven't worn on the blog yet, but hopefully I will continue to update this list as I show the outfits to you.

Closet Inventory

1. On-A-Wing Blouse Anthropologie sz 6 ($63 - sale and damaged discount from loose buttons + $50 gc from my MIL!!) worn here

2. Yellow and white striped polo from Old Navy sz M (sale - $7) worn here

3. White H&M divided t-shirt sz 8 ($8) worn here, here

4. Pink Climbing Cowlneck tank Anthropologie sz XS ($30 sale) worn here, here, here

5. White painterly leaf tee sz S ($3 thrifted) worn here

6. Pink silk Banana Republic bow tank sz XS ($7 on sale at a consignment store) worn here

7. Black silk Martin & Osa tank sz ($20 on sale) worn here

8. Blue ethnic-y print tank by Deletta from Anthropologie (anyone know the name of this?) sz S ($20 on sale) worn here

9. Light gray tank Banana Republic sz M (thrifted $3) worn here

10. Black cowl neck Banana Republic tank sz XS (thrifted $4) worn here

11. Grey sequined/ruffled Kische tank ($15 Nordstrom Rack) worn here

12. Madknits red & white striped tee sz S (thrifted $5) worn here

13. Abercrombie & Fitch floral pintucked button-up sz M (thrifted $4) worn here

14. unknown brand (no tags) super soft cream-colored polo shirt unknown size (thrifted $3) worn here

15. AByer nude lace top sz S (had since high school) worn here

16. Striped ruched H&M long sleeve tee by Divided sz 6 ($13) worn here

17. Anthropologie raspberry Unveiled Tank by Deletta sz XS ($30 on sale) worn here

18. H&M striped transparent top ($5) worn here

19. grey Lady Hathaway tank ($6) worn here

20. New York & Company button-up tank sz M altered to fit ($15?) worn here

21. Forever 21 Blue Book Blouse rip-off sz M (thrifted $3) worn here

22. Yellow silk Forever 21 blouse sz S (thrifted $3) worn here

23. West & Vine white tuxedo shirt sz M ($20) here

24. Ecologie white lacy button up shirt sz M ($15) worn here

25. Vintage tuxedo shirt tags cut out (thrifted $6) worn here

26. Sweet Pea yellow-brown patterned tank sz M ($7 on sale at Nordy Rack) worn here

27. Ginormous houndstooth blouse by Elizabeth Liz Claiborne sz 18 (thrifted $2) worn here

28. Gap dark chambray? button-up sz XS (thrifted $2.40) worn here, here

29. Kensie tie-dyed tunic sz XS (thrifted $4) worn here

30. BCBG Maxazaria lace top w/nude tank sz M (thrifted $5) worn here

31. Gap pink cowlneck tank sz M (thrifted $5) worn here

32. Banana Republic baby blue long-sleeved tee sz XS (thrifted $6) worn here

33. Yellow H&M t-shirt sz M ($8) worn here

1. Banana Republic gray slacks sz 4 (thrifted $6) worn here, here, and here, here

2. The Limited Drew Fit black slacks sz 6 (thrifted $5) worn here

3. Express X2 jeans sz 4 ($6 thrifted) worn here, here, here

4. Lisa Skinny Jeans by Fire Jeans sz 5 (thrifted $7) worn here, here, here

5. grey/brown H&M shorts ($20) sz 6 worn here

6. Grey J Crew Favorite-fit stretch vintage bootcut cords 4S (thrifted $6) worn here, here

7. Marc Jacobs Khaki pants sz 4 (thrifted $8) worn here

8. INC blue velvet pants sz 4 (thrifted $6) worn here

9. H&M black leggings sz 6 ($10) worn here

1. INC pink flowered skirt sz 2 (thrifted $5) worn here

2. Leisured Zebra silk skirt by Lil, Anthropologie, sz 4 ($30 sale) worn here, here

3. Beribboned Rings Skirt, Anthropologie, sz 4 ($20 sale) worn here

4. Anthropologie corduroy paisley skirt by Idra sz 0 (thrifted $6, anyone know when this was from, or name?) worn here

5. Anthropologie Lale Skirt sz 4 (pinned smaller; $20 on sale) worn here

6. H&M purple ikat skirt sz 6 altered to fit ($15?) worn here

7. Black skirt by The Limited sz 2 (thrifted $4) worn here

8. Gap wool camel skirt sz 4 (thrifted $6) worn here

9. H&M big pocketed skirt sz XS ($15) worn here, here

10. Crystal Candy brown pencil skirt sz S (thrifted $4) worn here

1. Oroya Dress by Eva Franco - Anthropologie sz 0 (sale $100) worn here, here, here

2. Leifsdottir Both Worlds Jumper - Anthropologie sz 4 (sale + bday discount $87) worn here, here, and here

3. Maeve's Southward Stop Shirtdress Anthropologie sz 2 (ebay $75) worn here, here

4. Necessary Objects green striped shoulder bow dress sz M (Nordstrom Rack $25) worn here

5. Anthro's Speckled Ink Dress from Plenty by Tracy Reese sz XS (sale $80) worn here

6. Anthro's Navy Garland Slip by Eloise sz S (sale $30... not really a dress, but I wasn't sure where to put this!) worn here, here

7. Purple SopranoSopranoSoprano dress Sz M ($15) worn here

8. Converse One Star Canvas Shirtdress sz S (thrifted $8) worn here

9. Grey dress (thrifted $8) worn here

10. Have & Have Nautical Tailored Fitted Banded Waist Pencil Dress Navy Sz L ($15) worn here

11. F21 green leopard print dress sz S (thrifted $4) worn here

12. Anthropologie Furoshiki Packaged Chemise sz XS (sale $40) worn here

13. Laundry by Shelli Segal strapless silk dress sz 4 (thrifted $13) worn here

Sweaters, Blazers, Jackets, & Coats
1. Camel Corduroy Blazer by Paris Blues sz S (thrifted $5) worn here

2. Light green BCBG for Nordstrom Cardigan sz M (thrifted $4) worn here

3. Navy Blooming Lattice Cardigan Anthropologie sz M (should have gotten Small, email me if you'd like to trade :) Ebay $40) worn here, here, here

4. Dark green/teal Caslon sweater sz S (thrifted $5) worn here and here

5. Light blue cropped cardigan sz S (thrifted $3) worn here

6. Gray Theory striped blazer sz 6 (thrifted $6) worn here, here

7. Love by Design striped green drapey cardigan (Nordstrom Rack $25) worn here, here

8. TBJ Jeans cream hoodie (thrifted $6) worn here, here

9. Jean jacket by Ann Taylor Loft sz S ($6 thrifted) worn here

10. Mossimo Blue Corduroy jacket ($10 thrifted) worn here

11. Huge yellow button up silk shirt turned cardigan ($5 thrifted) worn here

12. Anthropologie grey short-sleeved blazer by Elevenses sz 4 (thrifted $6) worn here

13. One Step Up brown cropped and hooded cardigan (thrifted $5) worn here

14. H&M mustard yellow cardigan sz 6 ($20) worn here

15. Rubbish brown cropped double-breasted sweater vest sz S (thrifted $3) worn here

16. grey plaid puffed-sleeve blazer brand: Second sz S (thrifted $6) worn here, here

17. Petite Sophisticate beige cardigan sz S (thrifted $5) worn here

18. Gap olive blazer sz 0 (thrifted $8) worn here

19. Anthropologie embroidered cardigan by Snak sz S (bought on ebay for $26 but refunded due to condition issues = $0) worn here

20. J Crew grey v-neck sweater sz XS (thrifted $6) worn here

21. Navy men's vest (thrifted $5) worn here

1. Franco Sarto boots ($15 at Ross) worn here and here, here

2. Yellow Enzo Angiolini sandals (Nordstrom Rack sale $15) worn here, here

3. Black strappy wedge sandals ($15) worn here

4. Brown and pink puma sneakers ($20 at Nordstrom Rack) worn here

5. Navy Hunter Wellington boots ($40 at Costco) worn here, here, here

6. Pink INC strappy heels (thrifted $6) worn here, here

7. Brown suede Zara ankle booties (thrifted $7) worn here, here, here, here

8. Brown Franco Sarto knee-high boots ($25) worn here, here

9. Keds red/white polka dot flats ($5 at shoe store going out of biz sale) worn here

10. Sam Edelman gladiator-style leather sandals ($15 on sale Nordstrom Rack) worn here

11. Wanted patent white flats ($15) worn here

12. Nine West boots ($20) worn here

13. Seychelles brown pumps (thrifted $6) worn here, here

14. Xhilaration raspberry pumps (thrifted NWT $7) worn here, here, here

15. Toms Shoes blue/white wedges (thrifted $6) worn here

16. Merona Madalena Suede Ballet Flats - Mustard (NWT at Goodwill $7.50) worn here, here, here

17. Colin Stuart pink sandals (thrifted $6) worn here

18. Merona Madalena Suede Ballet Flats - Grey (NWT at Goodwill $7.50) worn here

19. Nicole Winchester Leather Riding Boots ($100 at DSW) worn here, here, here, here

20. Brown Kenneth Cole Reaction Mary Jane shoes ($20) worn here

21. Black Unlisted ankle booties ($20) worn here

22. Kelsi Dagger black beaded flats ($30) worn here, here

23. Dr Scholl's green boots ($30) worn here

1. Three Beacons Belt sz S- Anthropologie ($34) worn here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here

2. Silver braided belt (thrifted 99 cents) worn here, here

3. H&M fake suede obi belt ($13) worn here

4. blue skinny belt (thrifted 99 cents) worn here

5. White grommeted skinny belt (thrifted 99 cents) worn here

6. Adidas black skinny belt (thrifted 99 cents) worn here, here, here, here, here

7. H&M braided faux leather belt ($15?) worn here

7. H&M blue elastic belt ($12?) worn here

8. vintage brown belt off of a vintage dress worn here

9. Ginormous(ish) black elastic zippered belt H&M ($13) worn here, here

10. Anthropologie Tellicherry Belt (sale $15) worn here

11. Reddish brown leather belt (thrifted $2) worn here

12. Save the Earth leather belt (thrifted $3) worn here

13. Braided orangey-tan leather belt (thrifted 99 cents) here

1. Vintage Bow Sweater clip (estate sale $3) worn here

2. Pink plastic beaded necklace ($2 thrifted) worn here

3. Jade(?) butterfly necklace ($6 thrifted) worn here

4. Purple porcelain rose necklace from grade school worn here

5. Turquoise and carnelian ring in sterling silver ($15 flea market) worn here, here

6. H&M multi-chains necklace ($10-12?) worn here, here

7. Sterling silver lady ring (thrifted $5) worn here

8. Sterling silver etched bone ring ($40 from Frye Art Museum) worn here

9. Vintage pins (one came as a set with some wedding jewelry I bought for around $100 the other came off of a sweater I had) worn here

10. Multi-strand red beaded necklace (thrifted $7) worn here

11. Lace DIY necklace ($4) worn here, here

12. Forever 21 sparrow necklace ($6.50) worn here

13. Forever 21 eyeglasses necklace ($3.50) worn here, here

14. Owl sweater clip (gifted + 50 cents for the owl) worn here

15. Gold vintage leaf pin ($3) worn here

16. H&M faux pearl strand necklace ($5) worn here, here

17. H&M leather wrap bracelet ($5) worn here

18. Wrapped grass bangles from Brazil (gifted) here

19. Red & gold bangles (gifted) here

20. Jade bangle (gifted) here

Tights & Socks
1. Light grey tights worn here, here

2. Hue grey socks worn here

3. Grey and pink argyle knee socks worn here

4. Grey-beige socks worn here

5. Blue Hue socks worn here

6. grey ribbed tights ($6) worn here, here, here

7. Blue knee sock things (3 for $2 so only 67 cents!) worn here

8. Grey sheep socks ($5?) worn here

9. dark grey tights ($7) worn here, here

10. grey sweater tights ($8) worn here, here

11. Dark blue striped Old Navy socks ($? way too long ago) worn here

12. Black sweater tights ($8) here

13. Black tights ($8) worn here

1. Banana Republic tan leather purse ($3 garage sale) worn here

2. Travel duffel bag (graduation gift to my husband from his high school... free to me!) worn here

3. Silverlake flap leather purse in teak by The Sak ($140) worn here, here, here

1. Floral cloche hat (thrifted $2) worn here

2. Clear Wayfarer Nerd Glasses ($3.59) worn here, here

3. H&M faux fur collar ($15 plus 20% off = $12) worn here

4. J Crew head band ($? also way too long ago) worn here

5. brown plastic headband (50 cents) worn here

1. H&M blue vintage floral scarf ($15) worn here

2. Red Pashmina scarf (gifted) worn here

3. Turquoise scarf ($10) worn here


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