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Monday, November 07, 2005

illicit cupcake recipes

hmm.. for those who were asking for it...

while I don't know that I can provide the copy of Magnolia's cupcake recipe, let me point out that it may be online somewhere already.

Unfortunately (much to ervy's unending dissappointment), I didn't get to make a cake for my brother. My mom called and told me that they had too much leftover cake from his surprise bday party so they brought over the half of the cake that was left and we shared that too... man, Will totally missed out on that magnolia cake tho!


Anonymous said...

Thanks--you can NEVER have too many cupcake recipes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori!

Oh what a month it has been so far! Just dropping a line to let you know I'm still alive (haha) and I'll be dropping your package in the mail sometime this week. Yay for almost Thanksgiving!

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