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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

i want a kitty i want a kitty i want a kitty

now that we've put a deposit down on the new apt, I really really have been wanting to get a kitty of my very own :). But we're not starting to move in to the new apartment until August 16th *sigh*. So I have to wait to get a kitty.

I am so kitty-oriented, that I had seanie & ervy take me to visit the Penninsula Humane Society just to look at and play with the kittties, even though we knew we couldn't take one home. Of course, we saw a kitty that we would have adopted if we could have right then. Her name was Portia and she was ~ 1.5 yrs. She was such a pretty kitty! (she was grey and white, but her grey was that beautiful silvery gray like on the Sheba kittty). And she was so affectionate and sweet. She had only been there for a day or so. Her past owner had given her up due to another pet.

Other notable kittes we saw included a polydactyl kitty named Ethan, and a little black kitten named Seth who really wanted to play attack-the-fingers-through-the-cage.

We wandered over to the doggie run which was frighteningly loud when the doggies decided to get really excited and bark. A couple doggies reminded me of buddie. I thought the red pit there was especially adorable!

The small animals were of course utterly cute. All the bunnies were so fuzzy. There was a young guinea pig boy that was all white with black ears that jumped into the air, made cute guinea pig noises, and came over to investigate my finger when I came near. I contemplated getting him as a friend for skeeter, but I figured we should wait to do that till we move and get settled as well. Anyway, I didn't bring skeeter with me, and it would be important to see if they get along.


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