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Saturday, July 31, 2004


last night I dreamed I went to meet my family at a buffet in China town. I couldn't find parking anywhere near the place though, so I ended parking like 3 miles away at some geriatric facility.

I somehow ended up at the buffet which was amazing. It was Indian and Chinese food. They put it out in stages. The first couple hours was Indian food. There were a ton of curries, saags, wonderful spicy dishes to fill up on. I ate and ate and ate with my family for hours. We laughed and enjoyed our reunion filled with food. Finally they brought out the dessert at the buffet, and we all lined up and piled our plates high with sweet balls soaked in honey, rice pudding, cakes, and sugary delights. It was only then that I realized that I'd missed a whole coarse. All the Chinese food had been brought out while we'd been eating our Indian food. I saw piles of BBQ pork and spicy chicken. There were all my dim sum favorites. They also had these 4 foot long spring rolls (of the character of those we get at pho, but much longer) both fried and non-fried. I couldn't eat any of this Chinese food though because I had already piled my dessert plate full, and I was stuffed with Indian food. I asked the proprietor if I could take some of the food to go (motioning to the steaming Chinese dishes). She sternly told me that they couldn't allow that at a buffet. They'd lose money.

I went back and ate my dessert with my family for another hour or so. Again the laughter and the food consumed us. We finally stood up out of our fattened stupor only to realize it was 2AM. I suddenly realized I had no idea where I parked, I just knew it was miles away. I asked if my family could give me a lift to help me find my car. We all piled into this car that was open on the sides like a golf cart. It was very odd. We went across this long long bridge at freeway speeds. Since there were no doors, I watched the road speeding by beneath me. I decided that sticking my leg out to drag along the pavement would be fun, even though some part of me realized I would probably have my leg ripped off from me in the process. Still, I only ended up with a nasty scrape on my knee that burned from the running road. My mother of course yelled at me briefly.

Still I couldn't figure out where I parked my car. None of the streets looked familiar. Then suddenly, I recognized a building. I told my parents to let me out there. We hugged our goodbyes and decided we must do this again sometime. I entered the lobby and got in the elevator to take me to the parking structure. There were thirty some odd floors, and I had no idea which level my car was parked on. Indeed, I wasn't aware that parking garages could be that large. A quick replay of a Seinfeld episode of a comparable situation flashed in my head. My exhaustion caught up with me, and I couldn't fathom searching through every level in the lot. So my dream fell to my impatience, and like the Charmed ones, I rhymed a spell to make the location of my car clear to me. That revealed, I went to my car satisfied.

*woke up*


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