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Thursday, July 22, 2004


last night I met up with my friends Peter and Nate for dinner at Ryowa. I found out that I can get the hook up on any software for the Mac, so I'm really leaning towards getting a new powerbook (esp, since I can get a 200 dollar rebate since my rents just bought me an ipod too).

I found out both guys are more timid with asian food than I expected. In fact, Nate apparently hasn't liked any South East Asian cuisine he's tried (this amazes/appalls me). Peter kept asking me what things were, and asking if they were ok to eat. Peter apparently no longer eats sushi anymore because his mom is a sushi fanatic (ie, Peter overdosed on sushi).

After dinner, we met up with Fuson and Ervy at Palo Alto Bowl for a couple games. I bowled horribly, and Fuson bowled like a bowling master. Ooh... ervy got a haircut (this makes me happy) and he shaved (double happiness).

We then went back to fu's place for a small game of poker. We think Peter hustled us... :) That's right Peter... we know your game!


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