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Thursday, July 29, 2004'

This reminds me a lot of microcinema, but for non-film media.

Also, they sell the works of art that they display in public places... but not always.

"All pieces not sold by the end of the the opening reception stay up for the course of the week with a price and contact phone number for interested buyers. The gallery is in co-opted public space with no security. Any work not sold at the reception can be sold, stolen, or vandalized during the rest of the show. Artists submit work with these inevitabilities in mind. Most work sells at the opening, but some is always left. The Budget Gallery considers vandalism a form of artistic collaboration, and theft is the highest honor of the Budget Gallery."

This does happen in SF. Why am I so out of it that I haven't heard of it? Blah. The next one is in August... I wanna go!


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