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Saturday, July 31, 2004

harold and kumar

Last night kiohl, atschuetz, pvirdone, fuwang, ervan, and I went to see Harold and Kumar.

It rocked my socks off. really. suddenly I was barefoot... or wait... was that ervy? well someone had to put their shoes back on anyway.

It was the funniest movie I've seen in FOREVER. I was super pleased, because I normally don't like this style of movie (movies ala dude where's my car, road trip, etc). But this one was awesome and held my interest!

I was saddened to note that on a Friday opening night, the theater was majorly empty... or not very full. whatever. Parry Shen said on his blog that most AAs have gone out and seen it for free, indeed, I would have been one of those myself. But this is a good movie! I want more people to see it and let tinseltown know Asia is ok in non stereotypical roles.

btw. on the way back I was like "I thought Stabler was in this movie... I guess I was wrong on my blog"
but Fu fu mentioned that he had seen the actor's name in the credits. We figured out who he was..

here's a hint...


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