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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

At the W

Last night Roxy, Amit, and I went to the itunes party at the W. As soon as we walked in, we felt underdressed and underage. Apparently, we were not the target group for this shindig.

We spent most of the evening chatting it up with the DJ whose only requirement for the gig was to play music off of his ipods. He actually fed the ipods through his computer and used a program called FinalScratch. He had turntables that were digital... something about laying down the code before it reads it again... but i'm not sure on that. The turntables helped recreate the traditional DJ experience, so he could spin them backwards and scratch. Indeed they were so realistic, they even skipped once.

The DJ's name was Solomon (I think, it was very hard to hear). He was superbly dressed up in a dressed down way. He had obviously put alot of care into how he looked that evening, just in a dressed down way.  Posted by Hello


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