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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

4th bbq

turned out pretty well. Seanie and I drove up and down streets looking for a good park a couple days before. We settled on Red Morton Park.

I was worried that there would 1. be too many people and 2. there would be a great social divide between high school friends and stanford friends. But neither worry was warranted. Unfortunately, by the time all the meat was cooked and ready, everyone had filled up on chips and dip. I filled up on the guacamole made by jason, and I couldn't eat a thing afterwards. Also in attendance: vince, peter, adam, emily, nick chan (sort of), fuson, roxy, ervy, seanie, nate, and seyi.

Ice cream trucks continually rolled by playing the same irritating song over and over and over...

after the bbq, we packed up and headed to adam's place for some smash bros and crazy 8's. A group of us eventually went to see spiderman 2 which i was heavily dissappointed in. There was way too much cheese, and so at parts I felt like it dragged.


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