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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Ervy and I have Ipods :)

ervy was surprised... he didn't have a clue!

ok, honestly, but what a headache his cd-r is! It rips cds at horribly slow rates... I'm talking anywhere from .3x to 6.3x! So yesterday I only ripped 25 some odd cds before giving his ipod to him.

Also, does anyone know if ipods are cross platform compatible. I know they CAN work with both Macs and PC's, but, can they switch between them? When I plugged my ipod into the dock attached to ervy's pc box, it had to format the ipod so it could be compatible with the system. So if I plug it into my apple laptop when I get it... does that mean it will have to format it then?

Oh. and I'm worried I'm going to fill up my 40GB and that 20GB isn't going to be enough for ervy. I've barely made a dent into his cd collection... and already we have nearly 3 GB of music. plus I've got to dig all my mp3's out from my early college years... haha that just made me sound super old.


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