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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cardigan Reviews!

Dimpled Cardigan by Small Sparrow in Navy
Size S
Impressions: No. Just no. The personal shopper pulled this for me, and I was worried about it the moment I looked at it. This cardigan was not flattering on me. Dimpled indeed! The dimples just led the fabric to bunch and add too much bulk to my torso. It also made me look like my torso was one big SQUARE. Part of the problem is that the attached belt (and it is sewn on at the sides so you can't just wear the cardi without the ties) is located too high in my opinion. The ruffles at the bottom of the cardi start at my natural waist - making my waist disappear. Thus the cardi turned me into a blue square sponge-bob shape. I didn't think this cardigan looked good open on me either.

Pick a Bunch Cardi by Tabitha
Size S
Impressions: The fit on this cardigan was fine - nice and fitted through the torso and arms. However, the color on this cardigan was horrible on me! This color green/yellow is very muddy, and it really did not flatter my skin tone! The sewn on flowers on the cardi felt a little half-as*ed to me. It was like someone wanted to add an embellishment to the cardi but then wasn't sure what to do - was afraid of doing too much and so just plopped a few grey flowers down as a mini corsage. The grey flowers kind of just blend into the cardi pattern, so they don't really add much. Not sure if it's indicative of quality control, but along with the flowers falling off, the Tabitha tag was sewn upside down inside the cardi :(

And now, the wrapping of a Lori...

Best of the Bunch Cardigan
Size S (no XS left!!)
Impressions: As soon as I walked into the store I picked this off the rack. I've been so dang curious about this cardigan, because it's so different! Walking through the store, I had other customers telling me how great it would look on me which was a little funny since I wasn't even sure if I was on board with it yet. Once it was on, I noticed the sleeves were WAY too big. They were a bit long, and the sleeves also were not fitted along my arms. The fit around the torso on the other hand was great, so I don't know if going down to an XS would have been the way to go for me in this anyway. The sweater pockets and flare at bottom emphasized my hips, but not overly so. I was sad the pockets were so measely that I would basically look ridiculous sticking my hands into them. I took pics at different stages of buttoning to show the different looks I could go with. But in general, I thought this cardi was a bit too messy of a look for me. I appreciate it's style, I just think I would have a hard time making it work in my wardrobe (especially at full retail price!). I've thought the best way to wear this cardigan, looking at other bloggers and the catalog, is buttoned all the way up. But what's very apparent on me, is that that look really only works if you have a lovely long neck. Otherwise, it looks like the sweater is trying to eat your neck!

Spanish Steps Cardigan by Bordeaux
Size XS

Impressions: I really loved this piece. so. much. Honestly, this was the dark horse of the bunch. I wouldn't have thought I'd like like it from the hanger. It looked pretty simple. But, the personal shopper knocked it out of the park picking this one out. This cardigan is so architectural, so sleek! The front folds won't move around because the folds are actually sewn that way. The cardi drapes beautifully straight down the body when open (emphasizing the sculpted folds). But it also looked great belted. The fabric was a soft, but heavy weight - very comfortable! Highly recommended!


LilMissSeamstress said...

I tried a "Pick a Bunch Cardi" yesterday too at my local Anthro and thought exactly the same as you did... the color is just not right for my complexion at all.. I look like a yellowish green person. hahaha

vintageglam1234 said...

Hey Lori
the only thing i think worth getting is the Unnamed Bordeaux Cardigan. How nice does it look belted eh!
I'm not too keen on the rest of the items, and i can tell from your descriptions that you aren't either!

Cindi said...

I have a love/hate relationship with Anthro cardis. Most of them just don't work on me. For cardis, I tend to like simply straighter fitted pieces, which is probably why I loved the last one on you. I find most of the cardis at Anthro are just cut either too short or it was meant to be worn closed since the neckline gets awkward when it's opened. I don't know...but I do love the last piece on you. :)

Cindy said...

The last outfit is perfection! Also, I love your shoes in all of these shots!!

Lori said...

@LilMissSeamstress yah I told the personal shopper as soon as she brought it over that I didn't think it would work on me, but I tried it on anyway... and yes, this is the kind of green my parents warned me about (no joke)!

@Jen IKR, I found out it's actually the Spanish Steps Cardigan. It's so cool! I think the Best of the Bunch Cardi is actually pretty cool (for someone out there), it just doesn't work on me :/

@Cindi I totally agree about the cardis at Anthro. I think the length is meant for people who are wearing skirts at their natural waist (so up much higher), and you're right a lot of the designs don't lay right when the cardi is open. Hubby doesn't like my blooming lattice unless it's closed (and even then he's a little meh)

@Cindy thanks! The sandals remind me of a warmer time... (oh wait that was just last week, lol!)

Debbie said...

I'm glad you liked the Spanish Steps cardigan too! It's one of my favorite things that I've gotten from Anthro lately. I haven't seen it online for a long time but my store still has a few left in each color. I like the dark grey the best.

Lori said...

@Debbie agreed. The dark grey still shows the 'steps' well, but is super sleek!

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