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Sunday, September 12, 2010

ootd - stripes and bows

Hope y'all are having a great weekend! Today was surprisingly sunny and warm in Seattle. So I took the chance of wearing this stripey Necessary Objects dress. I picked this up a Nordstrom Rack, and I loved that it had the little detail of the bow at the shoulder.

I only realized from looking at these pics that this dress is a bit vulgar! The stripes combined with the clingy fabric - err well, let's say it just really clings to some sensitive areas and the stripe distortions kind of draw in the eyes! Yowzas. And I was all over Seattle in this dress today. This was probably NOT the kind of treasure people were expecting to find at the flea markets I visited today. Hm. Perhaps next time a slip would help.

Necessary Objects striped dress Sz M Found this ran small since it was in the juniors I ever going to grow out of looking in that section?
Cream hoody by TBJ Jeans - Thrifted
Zara booties - Thrifted

And I gave the hair touch + feet glance another go today. I'm gonna nail this some day. It's certainly a vast improvement over yesterday. Today I looked happy about having feet! (side note: unfortunately, YOU can't completely tell that I've got feet, because I didn't notice the camera was angled down too much!)


Sherry Lou Studio said...

cute cat! your dress looks good with the jacket :) I totally know what you mean about some dresses clinging wrong! :P

jennifer & sherry

Lori said...

Thanks Jennifer and Sherry!

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