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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back from the (HOT) land of
Californ-I-A!!! Weekend outfits and exploits!

[edited to add some additional pics of my hubby so y'all can see how he dresses sometimes :)]

We made it back from Cali! I'm catching up on work, but I wanted to pop up for a little trip update!

California was AH-MAZING! We left a rainy Seattle, and got to... sun, heat (in the 90's!!), and friends! It was amazing to step outside Saturday morning in a tank and skirt and not feel the slightest bit chilled. Of course, then it got a little too toasty, but I still enjoyed it. It was a good piece of summer (I realize it's fall already) that Seattle missed out on this year.

Here's a few pics from our trip (and this will truly cement my spot as Queen of the open mouth jaw drop picture pose)! This trip was quick but oh-so-memorable. We celebrated our good friends' union (and caught up with college friends at the wedding). Also, some of our best friends had just had their baby, and we got to meet the little fella! Soooo cute!!

Saturday morning we headed out on the road and hubby shouted "ESTATE SALE." (It's like spotting treasure). We followed the signs, but instead of an actual estate sale it was a well-curated (and highly marked up $$$) vintage/antique yard sale. Really neat stuff, but no way we could take any of it home - especially at those prices.

OOTD (Sat morning)
Anthropologie Lale Skirt sz 4 (pinned smaller; $20 on sale)
Anthropologie raspberry Unveiled Tank by Deletta sz XS ($30 on sale)
Adidas black skinny belt (thrifted 99 cents)
Yellow Enzo Angiolini sandals (Nordstrom Rack sale $15)

personalized cake topper made by the groom's sisters :)

next three pics include the hubby!

with the proud new papa (also a groomsman at the wedding)

OOTD (wedding)
Oroya Dress by Eva Franco - Anthropologie sz 0 (sale $100)
Yellow Enzo Angiolini sandals (Nordstrom Rack sale $15)
Silverlake flap leather purse in teak by The Sak ($140)

At the airport for the trip home:

I probably should have taken a photo in front of a window so you could see the outer tank's transparency, but I was pretty beat!

OOTD (Sunday)

H&M striped transparent top ($5)
grey Lady Hathaway tank ($6)
Lisa Skinny Jeans by Fire Jeans sz 5 (thrifted $7)
Merona Madalena Suede Ballet Flats - Mustard (NWT at Goodwill $7.50)
DIY Lace necklace ($4)

Also, I finally caved and bought the hipstamatic app for my iphone. lol, as if you couldn't tell... ;)

Hope y'all had fabulous weekends!


vintageglam1234 said...

hey lori
what great pics! I love all your outfits.
That cake topper looks amazing..and the cake looks delicious!
Also...I'm getting a vibe that you have a vivacious, carefree personality, am I correct? the jaw dropping is your signature Lori look i think :-)

erimon said...

cool pix! :) cute outfits too. i love california.

Jamie - Thrifty Threads said...

You wear the Oroya dress so well. The cut and colors are so beautiful on you! And Adidas makes belts? Who knew???

I have never been to an estate sale, real or fake, but I'm hoping to make it some day. There are enough richie-riches around here, that I should find one sooner or later.

And your open-mouth, jaw-drop comment made me chortle. I have not done that one yet, but I am the queen of "do you have a crick in your neck" head tilt.

Matt said...

Those are some seriously fun pictures! The open-mouth jaw drop is a classic and classy pose, right? ;) How cool is that cake topper! Those are really great outfits too, the Oroya Dress is super cute and I love the mustard colored flats! :)

Cindy said...

LA is still SO HOT. I can't believe it. Great pictures, I'm trying to resist the iphone app even though you make it look so awesome!

Anjali said...

Yay for visiting California! :) It seems like you had an awesome trip. Loved your "jaw dropping pose" and all your outfits -- you pull of that Oroya dress especially well!

Lori said...

@Jen Thanks! The cake topper was super neat because it was personalized for the bride and groom... the groom is wearing a Raider's scarf (football) and the bride is wearing roller skates. I'm not quite sure I would describe myself as carefree and vivacious... I think I'm mostly just silly :) lol

@erinaomi Thanks! me too! I'm pretty much a cali girl at heart!

@Jamie Thanks! I <3 the Oroya dress, although it will probably be the only Eva Franco piece that will ever fit me. I didn't realize Adidas made belts either till I came across this one. lol, on the "do you have a crick in your neck" pose. I'll have to go back and see this in your pics!

@Matt totally classy. I'm all about class baby!

@Cindy I know! I saw you all hit 113F yesterday. A record high! My bro is down there at UCLA right now and has been super sweatin'

@goldenmeans Thanks so much!

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