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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ruffley Outerlayers! Cream Confection Jacket Review

Good morning!!! As promised, I want to review four ruffle-front jackets! Or basically, how Anthropologie's Cream Confection Jacket measures up to three other similar contenders in the ruffle-front outerwear match!

First up, the now very widely known and well-loved Cream Confection Jacket by Idra ($178)

Size 2
Impressions: The fit is amazing! But it is so perfect, that I don't think you could comfortably fit a thick sweater underneath it. Unlike some reviewers, I found the arm length to be great on me. So if you're in a climate where you need the extra warmth, you might want to size up. The heaviness of the coat was decent (and in the winter, you want a bit of heft). The lining didn't feel especially soft or luxurious, but it wasn't abrasive or problematic (and it is a pretty color blue). The ruffles all stay nicely organized with minimal floppage.

Also, I'm really digging this neutral color. It's certainly in vogue right now (CAMEL COLOR IS IN THIS FALL!!). The neutral color shows off the ruffles nicely (unlike the black version) while being less worrisome than the cream color with regard to mud splashing or general dirtiness.

Style & Co's Jacket, Knit Ruffle Double Placket (on sale for $42.99)

Size S
Impressions: oh no, no, NO! HA! I mean, this must be a joke right? What a mess! The jacket looks nothing like it does in the online photo... maybe with some steaming?? no, I still think the cotton/spandex mix fabric is just too flimsy. It flops everywhere and doesn't lay properly. This jacket also has a fold-over collar in addition to the ruffles. I find this very distracting, and I couldn't find a good way to tuck these in to hide them.

Also, this jacket doesn't come in an XS. I've been sized out of something :( It's way too big in the torso and pit area. It comes in black and dark brown. I much prefer the Idra's camel color to this brown which feels truly muddy and uninspired. All in all, this jacket doesn't come close to competing with the Idra version.

INC International Concepts at ShopStyle

INC International Concepts Jacket, Puff Sleeve Zip Front Ruffle ($89)

Size S
Impressions: The weight on the INC jacket was much heavier than the Style & Co jacket, and it is apparent in the way the ruffles are better at staying where they are supposed to. Again, I didn't steam this after shipping, but I suspect after steaming the ruffles into the proper place, they would hold their shape well enough. Still, this jacket is cotton, so its warmth factor isn't on par with the Idra jacket. But if you're pairing this with a sweater layer underneath, it might be passable if you don't live in too cold a climate.

This also did not come in an XS, and was thus not as well fitted on me as the Idra coat. This jacket also has the distracting fold-over collar. Comes in Black, Brown, and Red.

Finally, the BCBG jacket:

Size S
Impressions: Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of me trying this on at Nordy Rack the other day. The color they had at the rack was this piercing dark blue which was pretty awesome. It was priced at about $300 (down from an original ~$500). It has some details the Idra coat does not have. First, it had some military-esque buckles at the wrists which felt a bit out of place with the ruffles. Second, this coat also had a pop-over collar, but I found I could tuck it inside the neck ruffles ok, or you could do as the pictured model and pop the collar up like a turtle neck. Finally, there was this weird pleating at the elbows. Who puts pleating at the elbows??

The fit wasn't as good as with the Idra coat, but that may have been because it was too large. That said, the coat felt NICE. The wool was heavier than the Idra coat, and the interior felt silkier. It felt overall, better made than the Idra coat. But, that came at a higher price tag.

Of the four, Idra's coat is a clear winner in terms of fit and style. But if the high price tag has you down (especially if you think you may HATE the ruffle trend in a year or two), I think the INC version could be a viable option. As a cotton coat, the INC is more suitable for warmer climates or for a fall trendy piece. It's a way to get on the ruffle-front trend for less than $100

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Laura said...

Thank you for the review of the Idra Jacket. I almost purchased it online last week, but decided to go with the Oxer Coat in Brown. The Oxer is less dressy and will work best with my wardrobe. And so many 5 star reviews had me worried it wouldn't make sale.

I agree that the Idra is the clear winner. Now I will have to decide on the Cream or the Camel. I need both colors in my coat collection. I am leaning towards the Cream heavily.


Cindi said...

Ooh great jacket reviews. I'm really liking the INC too and I think it's a great alternative as well. I do love the Cream Confection though..after wearing it around town. I sized up a bit just so I can leave room for a cardi or a thinner sweater during the winter, but it still feels great!

Jamie - Thrifty Threads said...

What great reviews! I saw the BCBG version in Lord & Taylor (I'm not sure if they exist in Seattle, but it's a department store similar to Nordie's)...and I thought it was pretty much a dead ringer for the Cream Confection. But I didn't notice all the add'l detail you pointed out -- I saw it on the display, but didn't look closely.

I tried the CC on at Anthro, and I must confess that I breathed a huge sigh of relief when it didn't knock my socks off. Both the 4 and 6 fit nicely, but I thought it hit me too low on the hip, so it ended up adding some curviness where I don't need it.

=^_^= said...

The Cream Confection jacket is simply perfect on you. Get/Keep it! =)

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