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Friday, September 17, 2010

Dressing Room Marathon! Sale dresses review

After my meetings on Tuesday, I swung by my local Anthro to try on a few items that have caught my eye in the catalog and on peoples' blogs. The new personal shopper arrived about the same time as I did. And she remembered me!!! By NAME! CRAZY!

She is so super sweet. If you are ever at the University Village location, her name is Tracy and seriously, she's a personal shopper machine! She pulled out item after item after item for me to try on, showed me different outfit ideas, advised me on sizing, asked the type of items I was looking for and went on a mission to find me 10000000000000000 things to try on!

ok. so it was probably more like 25 things. But since I hadn't had lunch yet I hit low blood sugar levels. And it ended up feeling like I had waaaay too many things to try on. I mean, I think I was in the dressing room for over an hour. Wait, that's not even a joke. I just looked at the time stamps on my dressing room photos.

1st photo was taken at 12:49pm
Last photo was taken at 2:05pm

That's right. It was a DRESSING ROOM MARATHON *dramatic music ensues... dunDunDUN*

I tried on both Fall items and sale items. I'm going to spread these reviews out across multiple posts :) For y'all, I'm gonna start with the sale items since those items will lose relevance soon. :)

First up: DRESSES!

Magnifying Glass Dress by Maeve
Size 4
Impressions: The 4 was way too large. I suspect a 0 would be perfect on me in this dress. The skirt has room for the hips! In fact, for me, the skirt flared over my hips and really upped its vintage vibe. Plus, it has pockets! Hooray! I adore the vintage-y print and fabulous grey and white color-scheme. How awesome would this look with a bright red or green skinny belt? Pair it with some cute pumps, ankle socks and a cardigan and you're set!

Obscured Flora Dress by Deletta
Size XS
Impressions: The XS was just slightly too roomy in places (for me, the bust and waist) for me to be super happy. The fabric is a comfy t-shirt like material. The personal shopper said that it's machine washable and dryable and so it could shrink a little (a positive since this runs big). The print looks very Marimekko to me. So I think despite the comfy casual feel of the fabric, with the bold pattern and elegant colors, this dress could go totally upscale. The neckline was a bit low cut. So I think a necklace would be good with this dress. I would pair it with a nice black belt and some chunky black jewelry. There are pockets again in this one too. :D

Lafayette Strapless Dress by Leifsdottir
Size 0
Impressions: I tried this one on at Nordstrom Rack. The 0 was a bit too small on me. A 2 would probably be better everywhere. I actually think it looks somewhat cute. But I don't tend to like strapless dresses on me in the long run (no boobs). Given how tight it was, I think the top wouldn't slip down too much. I think someone could work this with a cute white tee on underneath to wear more casually. I think the polka dots are pretty frickin' adorable now, but I worry that in a year I might be over them. For a dress that still costs more than $100, I'd look for a style with more staying power.

That's it for today! Happy Friday everyone!


LilMissSeamstress said...

you are so HOT!!! in Lafayette Strapless Dress.

I have a personal shopper at my location and she did remembered me by my name!!! pretty awesome feeling... must be they are trained to do so for marketing? hehe

Cindi said...

I love the Udist Anthro cause the dressing rooms are HUGE!!! And also, unlike the downtown Anthro, it's one huge floor. I will have to look for Tracy next time. I love that Lafeyette dress on you. It is HOTT with an extra T!

Lori said...

Thanks girls! I am definitely thinking about buying the Lafayette if it makes it to second cut :)

@LilMissSeamstress yes I suspect they are trained to remember our names w/faces... I also wonder if they have some sort of notebook where they keep info on us to remember what we like, etc :)

vintageglam1234 said...

I got the lafayette dress PRE SALE! now i feel ripped off!
But's a GREAT DRESS and looks fab on you. Omg, you have to get it, considering i got it at full price!

Laura said...

Hi Lori,

Thanks for soo many dress reviews. I am jealous because I have no Anthro and No Personal shopper.

I loved you review, of the Cream Confection Coat in Camel, so much I went to order from Anthro online. Well, no Camel. I then found out that they pulled that color.

Why, oh, why! That is so unfair.
But I find myself thinking about the Cream now.

I just realized how long you have been blogging. Did you start when you were 10 years old?

Lori said...

@VintageGlammz lol, I'm definitely still percolating on this dress. I bet you look totally fab in this. Do you have a pic of you in this on your bloggy?

@GeoinCalifornia weird that they would discontinue camel. I wonder if it just sold out the fastest? and my goodness, you made me laugh so hard about starting the blog when I was 10! I started this blog when I was 21-22yrs (end of college) :) But, I did make my first website when I was 13 (in 1994) - it was just a really ugly website :)

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