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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sale reviews #2

Here are the last two reviews of sale pieces from my marathon dressing room extravaganza from last week.

Pizzoccheri Jacket by Bluebird
Size 2
Impressions: You know I think it looks better here than it felt on me in the dressing room. I had difficulties getting it to lay right on me when I moved. There was only one snap closure toward middle bottom of the coat, so when I moved, the fabric would sort of pucker or tug around that area - or perhaps the jacket is really only meant to be worn open. That said, when it was closed, it did fit nicely around my waist which can be tough to find. I actually wished the bottom hemline of the jacket would hit about an inch or two lower. This was fine over a dress, but with pants it would appear a bit too cropped for my liking. Pass!

Tea for Two Sweater by Sleeping on Snow
Size S
Impressions: oh my goodness. This sweater seemed like it could be a good idea when it was hanging on the rack, but as soon as I put it on - Frumptastic. I couldn't take this off fast enough. It fit ok around the torso, but the arms had too much fabric there so it was bunchy and wrinkled. It was so unflattering to lift up my arms and see my forearms as massive floppy extensions. The round little buttons were also tough for me to button up. Pass!

I tried on a couple of other sale items (shirts and pants) that I couldn't find on the website, but I think it'll be more fun to move onto the more current pieces in the next set of reviews. :) ttyl fashionistas!


Cindi said...

Frumptastic! Haha I love it and will use it from now on. I've had a couple of instances where I couldn't rip the garment off of me fast enough in the dressing room when it looked so horrendous on me. I love how funny your reviews are. :)

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Thanks for these reviews! I kind of hate it when I go into Anthro and my previously highly-desired seen from online only item looks like a total BLAH in real life. I tried on the Alma Mater jacket and I could use the term "frumptastic" too! My wallet thanks it, but my mental fashion dreams get dashed!

vintageglam1234 said...

Thanks for the reviews Lori.
Sorry that none of them worked out for you. Oh well, it just means more dough in the bank!

=^_^= said...

The jacket actually doesn't look too bad on you. But I had a dressing room fail day too. =)

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