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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

OOTD, a summer outfit revisited

Yesterday Seattle got warm and MUGGY! So today I thought I'd revisit an outfit from this summer inspired by a look from the Anthropologie catalog. This look:

I loved this look because it was this relaxed and laid-back summer vibe. This is also the look that sold me on Anthro's Three Beacons Belt (my favorite belt ever!)

This morning I quickly altered the top and skirt to fit me. I had lunch today with my best friend, back from Brazil. And, she always gets on my case about wearing clothes that are too big for me :/ Luckily, since my sewing machine is always at the ready, it only took ten minutes for this quick fix!

This necklace is the second one I ordered from Forever 21. I have been impressed with both necklaces I purchased from F21. The eyeglasses were more substantial and weighty than I expected and the sparrow necklace was nice an delicate.

Yesterday's eyeglasses necklace didn't give me a rash! But, the chain was fairly light and the glasses were acrylic so there wasn't a lot of metal in contact with my skin. So today I thought I'd try out this swallow necklace today. I wore it all day. I haven't broken out in a rash yet. I can't tell if I'm slightly itchy (it could be psychological at this point). At least at this price point, I wasn't too concerned about trying necklaces to see if I'm allergic to them. I've been curious about some of Anthro's jewelry, but the SAs at the store didn't know whether the jewelry was nickel-free. And, I'm less willing to allergy test jewelry at Anthro prices. :( Has anyone else with nickel allergies tried Anthro jewelry with success?

OOTD specs
New York & Company button-up tank sz M altered to fit ($15?)
Anthropologie Three Beacons Belt in brown sz S ($34)
H&M purple ikat skirt sz 6 altered to fit ($15?)
Forever 21 sparrow necklace ($6.50)
Colin Stuart pink sandals (thrifted $6)

In other news, I wanted to post a picture of this little fella:

I came across this post on Marirob's blog, and thought these stuffed fatkittys were so cute that I wanted to make a quick one for my friends' son (who I just met in Cali). I actually made this a couple weeks ago, but I couldn't post it since I hadn't brought it to them yet! I free-handed him, but I'm still happy with how he turned out!


Matt said...

That is a super cute outfit! What a great interpretation of the other outfit! That necklace is really cute too, I hope it works out! And that fat kitty doll is adorable!!! :)

Cat said...

That cat is so cute, and the ease of your outfit translates so well for late summer, well anytime really!! I feel inspired to finish a sewing project I started a few months back.

Elizabeth said...

Love your outfit Lori! Super cute and looks so great on you. I love that your outfit looks like a transition outfit into Fall. I definitely am going to buy this belt now!

vintageglam1234 said...

Great outfit Lori, you've done the Anthro catalog justice! I like how you're always so happy in your photos! I like Forever 21 necklaces too, and they are such a bargain too. I wish i could have bought more when i was in the states.
The flat kitties are cute cute cute.

Cindy said...

This is such a cute outfit!!! It reminds me of a picture of Zooey Deschanel I saw once (: You look great! Also, I used to make little stuffed animals like that too! lol how adorable!

emvee said...

Master K loves his cat!! :) Thanks Lori

Jamie - Thrifty Threads said...

I love your interpretation of the Anthro catalog shot -- especially the red shoes with the purple skirt! I had actually been contemplating picking up the catalog skirt on Ebay, but it always seems to be so pricey, even at Ebay prices. Maybe some day.

I'm so impressed by your quick alterations! I have a pile of stuff that I either need to alter or need to take to Rich, my favorite tailor. But the pile keeps does the cost, if I do take it to Rich. Ahhh!

LilMissSeamstress said...

awww~ you look different in this post. something is different. I can't figure out what it is... it's a good different... did you shed few more pound?

and oh... that felt stuffed goodie looks so cute! I should probably try one with my lonely sock that I can't find it's pair.

Marianne said...

I am wildly envious of your tailoring abilities! I have a sewing machine and I'm scared to use it.

Malu Keizer-Swartjes said...

great necklace! I love these photos:D


Click HERE to go to Malu's Fashion
Click HERE to go to Malu's Fashion
Click HERE to go to Malu's Fashion

Cindi said...

Aww I loved you in this outfit and think that it fit like a glove. Good job for altering it all yourself. And how sweet that you made that fat kitty doll. It reminded me of totoro! :) I know my doggie would love that if it had a squeeky toy in it. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Both outfits are so freaking cute. Love the printed skirt.


Jessica said...

Fantastic interpretation of the Anthro picture! And I love that you opted for more summery shoes with that heat wave!

Elaine said...

Super cute! I'll have to try it with a printed skirt too.

CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

Jessica said...

You look stunning! I really love this look. And I'm jealous you live in Seattle, I used to live there so I just adore that city.

Lori said...

Thanks everyone!

@Matt yup, no rash of hives! again, i think the chain was pretty small, but it gives me hope for more cheap cute jewelry!

@Cat yay for sewing projects! I def have a few tucked away that I need to get back to!

@Elizabeth I can't even begin to say how much I recommend this belt! I highly recommend it! :)

@Vintageglammz lol, you should have seen the pics I did that made me start laughing. I was trying to jump around in my small hallway (for some weird reason), and it realllllly didn't work out!

@Cindy omg, I looove Zooey, and she's got such great style. That's such an awesome compliment! Making stuffed animals is waaaay too fun!

@emvee hooorraaaaaay! and I LOVE Master K! He's so cute! I forwarded my mom his pics, and she swooned over email :)

@Jamie maybe you'll find it thrifting!!! :) oh, and I too have a huge pile of things to alter. But, things tend not to get altered until I actually need/want to wear them... Luckily these were super easy fixes!

@LilMissSeamstress nope. Still hovering at the same weight I think +/- 2 lbs on any given day. Oooh, I like sock stuffed toys! Such a good idea for lonely socks!

@Marianne master the sewing machine! you can totes do it!

@Malu thanks!

@Cindi that's exactly what my husband said. He said, "IT'S TOTORO!!!"

@Melanie thanks so much!

@Jessica thanks!! I felt a little funny about wearing summer shoes, but I figure I'd just go with it :)

@Elaine omg I can't wait to see your interpretation! You have such great style!

@Jessica thanks so much! Seattle is pretty great!

marirob said...

yay! fat kittys are the best! they are now my go to baby gift. i made 4 more in flannel but i don't think i ever blogged about them. yours is super super cute!

(and so is your outfit! i love it!)

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