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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy!

My mommy's birthday was last weekend, see look how happy she looks!

Since it was a big birthday for her, I flew down to the Bay Area to have a birthday brunch with my family (weird to be there less than 24 hours!!!)

We had a lovely birthday brunch at Skates in Berkeley despite the morning clouds. Then we went home to have cake and open gifts.

It was also great to see my grandma. I haven't seen her since February or March. In late March, she turned 90! She still has long tennis rallies (26 in a row!) with my Uncle Jason when she visits him in Minnesota. Dude, I wanna be like that when I'm 90! Go grandma!

My mother directed me to wear something red on her birthday (seen as good luck among Chinese). So for the occasion I wore Anthropologie's Oroya Dress by Eva Franco since it has an undeniably bright red/orange sash. This was the first dress I discovered I could go down to a size 0! I had an immediate identity crisis, but I've since learned in trying Eva Franco items that

1) her styles always run big on me,

2) I LOVE LOVE her designs,

3) I cry because her pencil skirts NEVER fit me - ones that fit my hips will never be small enough for my waist (such was the case with the Dreaming in Green Skirt, and the Lincolnshire Skirt


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