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Friday, September 17, 2010

ootd, "What rain?"

So I don't know if you're like this, but when I buy something to wear (jewelry, shoes, blouses, skirts, etc), I wanna wear it right away. It can be semi-problematic if I have bought several items none of which go together well :) But it's also problematic if you are someone who waits for the end of season sale. Are you going to buy those awesome leather sandals in January when it's raining and you can't wear them for 6 months? (okay, I admit I've done this when I find a good deal, lol, but still! You know what I'm talking about!)

Yes, so that was my dilemma this morning you see. Thanks to Jennifer at Myriad of Muses I was able to get the Burlingame, CA store to ship me Tracy Reese's Speckled Ink dress when it FINALLY went on sale! And it arrived yesterday!! Wheee! And...

it's raining.

and grey.

But, I still wanted to wear it of course. But, could I style this decidedly summer dress appropriately for fall and not freeze? I had hope! Goldenmeans styled it with a cardigan when she wore it!

So I say, "What rain? I don't see any rain or grey skies."

In addition to adding a cardi, I layered a slip under the dress and wore tall boots to keep me warm.

I also used Cat's (of Anthrosdottir) method of looping skinny belts!

OOTD Specs
Anthro's Speckled Ink Dress from Plenty by Tracy Reese sz XS (sale $80)
Anthro's Navy Garland Slip by Eloise sz S (sale $30)
One Step Up brown cropped and hooded cardigan (thrifted $5)
Brown Franco Sarto knee-high boots ($25)
White grommeted skinny belt (thrifted 99 cents)

So I ask you readers, do you wear things the day after you bought them? And, can you buy something knowing you won't be able to wear it for a while? Or in the words of Tim Gunn, do you just "make it work"? :)


Meli said...

what a cute dress! And I LOVE those boots :) I loved that dress too, now I am wishing I had got it :)

Cindi said...

Oh wow...I loved how you made it work for fall!!! I can see that dress with tights too actually. Nice job! I definitely will buy something before a season and let it sit for months before I wear it. Case in UGGs I'm wearing today. I got these about 5 months ago and today's my first day wearing them. Don't's not an "ugg-ly" ugg. It's a sweater one with cute button enclosures. Hehe...I will post later!

vintageglam1234 said...

Hello Lori
Omg, just fabulous! Very well put together outfit. And glad you used Cat's method of cinching in a long belt!!I Think you've mastered the technique perfectly

I usually wear my new clothes as soon as I can. I figure - whats the point of leaving it hanging in my closet, gathering up dust?? hehe
But then again, there are some things i bought months (even years) ago that I still haven't worn. Hmmm i should write a post about this!

=^_^= said...
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=^_^= said...

I'm so glad the Dreamy Drape ended up working great for you! I was briefly worried about it being too short for you, as I read in reviews that it ran a bit shorter than the other Dreamy Drape dresses. (I kept the Dreamy Drape in the pastel purple, which was a good 3-4 inches longer.) Good call on wearing a slip underneath it. I noticed the potential for undergarment-lines to show on the flat purple, and was considering getting alterations to add a slip-skirt underneath.

Have you tried any of the Caballo Falls dresses yet? That might look fantastic on you as well.

Hmm, I like to keep my purchases a week before returning. If I still love it after a week, I tend to still keep the tags on just in case. I usually never clip the tags until I wear the dress. After a few experiences of buying a dress I was "crazy about", and then seeing a dress a few weeks later that I liked even better... I find forcing myself to wait on clipping the tags ends up with more savings in my wallet.

(Deleted earlier post due to bad grammar in my posting. =D)

Lori said...

Thanks ladies! I had a lot of fun trapsing around Seattle today in this outfit. Even when it started pouring, I still felt pretty! (and I stayed pretty dry with the boots and an umbrella!

@Cindi lol, I'm glad it's not an 'ugg-ly' ugg. I've always wanted a sweater boot, but I've been anxious about getting them dirty. It'll be neat to see them!

@=^_^= omg, it's my favorite length - ending a couple inches above the knee! I have short legs, so dresses that run shorter on other girls probably are fine on me, lol. I wanted the Caballo Falls in Turquoise very much, but I didn't realize how much I liked it until I saw it in person (and that wasn't till they were almost sold out of turquoise everywhere)! And I'm the same way with Anthro items. I don't clip the tags till I wear them. If I buy it and I don't wear it for a few weeks, I take it as a sign that I wasn't really into it...

marirob said...

Lori - i have no idea how long I've been following your blog... I'm sure I must have found you through knitting. But I love the evolution of what you decide to blog about! The OOTD posts and your anthropologie outfits are wonderful! It's opened a whole new world of clothing obsession for me. I just bought the same dress (but in purple and black) and I love it. Really, really fun to read. Keep it going!

Kay said...

So cute! The original blue is adorable! And I love the boots!

gck said...

Wow, the Dreamy Drape looks gorgeous on you. I think it's the best I've seen it look on anyone!

Anjali said...

Wow, you styled this dress perfectly for fall! Love it :) Now I'm excited to pull out my Speckled Ink again too =)

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