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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Belated dressing room reviews

Catching up on some Anthro reviews I've been meaning to post to the blog :) Better late than never??? ok, no I don't believe that, but these items are still in stores so maybe they'll be helpful to you!

Please pardon my socks and my funky expressions. These weren't originally intended for the blog. They were for my own records on sizing, etc. If you see me pretzeling my fingers, it's because I've tried to come up with a system to note what size I'm trying on (I ALWAYS forget later since Anthro sizes are all over the map for me!)

Higgledy-Piggledy Skirt by Eva Franco
Size 4
Impression: As usual with Eva Franco's skirts this fit my hips but was way too large to fit my waist. Sadness. Eva nooooooooooooooo! That's why the waist on this is about an inch or so below my natural waist. I actually think the length on this skirt would have been a little above the knee if it could have actually fit my waist :( I also think that if you don't naturally have an hourglass figure, this skirt may give you the appearance of having one. I would think that the 'V' shape at the front center of the skirt should help draw the eye inward.

Lincolnshire Skirt by Eva Franco
Tried on Sizes 2 & 0
Impression: As many reviews have stated, this skirt runs waaaay large. The size 2 fell about 4 inches below my waist and was loose on my hips. The size 0 comfortably fit my hips, but was too big for and fell below my waist. *Lori makes sadface* Also, the construction was a bit shoddy. The size 2 I tried on had the bow already falling off the skirt! Very disappointing. In general though, I think the fabric and design are beautiful! Too bad Eva skirts and I have this love/hate relationship

Babergh Dress by Floreat
Size 4
Impression: The size 4 was too big, but I knew just trying on the dress that I wouldn't want it. It was sooooo heavy and STIFF! It was kind of like wearing armor :( The stiffness made the dress stand away from my body, so it actually WIDENED the look of my waist. You can kind of see the stiffness in the second pic in the way that the dress bust is pulled away from my chest. Definitely not a dress for me!

Dried Leaves Dress by Girl from Savoy
Size XS
Impressions: The fit on this dress was great, but I Hated with a capital 'H' the material. The store had just gotten these in when I came to try them on, but the one I tried on was already PILLING! The boiled wool was oddly soft and scratchy at the same time. I think I'd want to wear a slip under this for sure if I ever got it. Also, it's just plain weeeiiird that you can only put on the dress by pulling it over your head. Because it's wool, it feels like you're putting on a huge body sock!


Cindi said...

Great reviews! I have the same issue with those skirts, which why they fit at my lower waist and not at the higher parts. But then sizing down means it'd squeeze my thighs! Haha...oy!

=^_^= said...

I do like how the Dried Leaves Dress fits on your figure, though. But agreed, I end up not getting the outfit if I can see it not lasting much wear and tear.

JANE said...

I actually like the Babergh Dress on you the most. If you could detach it and just keep the skirt part, that would've been nice :)

vintageglam1234 said...

The Babergh dress looks nice on you, but yes, it is roomy up top! The dried leaves dress cute, but if it's starting to wear and tear then it's probably not worth it!

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