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Monday, September 27, 2010

A little bookish, a little Glee OOTD

In preparation for tomorrow night's new Glee episode I decided to dress in Glee inspired clothing. Ok, ok that's not true. I just looked in my closet and thought, I haven't worn that shirt before, let's wear it! It just happened that Lea Michelle wore the Blue Book Blouse last season on Glee and Kurt wore this awesome eyeglasses necklace on this season's premiere of Glee.

[total digression about to ensue]

btw, for those of you who saw the premiere, wasn't Charice GREAT??!! I've been following her singing for awhile now. I know this is so weird, but I feel this huge sense of group pride when I see Asians excelling in areas where we previously were held back. For example, I have been THRILLED with the uptake in hot Asian men on TV (e.g., Daniel Dae Kim on Lost and Hawaii-50, Harry Shum Jr on Glee, Tim Kang on the Mentalist, John Park on American Idol last year that got Shania all hot and bothered...). These fellas are showing America that Asian men are sexy too! Anyway, Charice makes me happy not only because she is a mind-blowing singer, but also because I've been waiting for an Asian pop singer to do well! In the past on American Idol and in the NY Times, they've discussed the fact that 'the American public' wasn't ready to get behind an Asian pop singer. So, anyway... Go Charice!!
< /end digression >

Ok so this blouse isn't actually the Anthro version. It's a Forever 21 rip-off that I found at Goodwill. But since I didn't have the Anthro version, I figured I could add it to my wardrobe!

I never really thought about how narrow this hallway is. I think I can touch the walls with both my elbows!

My new necklace from Forever 21. When Chloe posted about free shipping from F21 last weekend I thought it would be a good time to test whether I was allergic to F21 jewelry (I seem to have an allergy to metal with nickel in it - I break out in hives!). This cute necklace was only $3.50! Then on Tuesday I saw the Kurt on Glee had an eyeglass necklace too!! So fab! Let's just see if I break out in hives today, hm? As an aside, F21 customer service was pretty lame when I emailed them to ask if their jewelry had nickel in it. Their response:

Dear Lori,

Thank you for emailing us with your concern.

All our jewelry is made of metal and plastic.

Thank you for choosing Forever 21.

Forever 21 - Customer Service


OOTD Specs
Forever 21 Blue Book Blouse rip-off sz M (thrifted $3)
Black skirt by The Limited sz 2 (thrifted $4)
Xhilaration raspberry pumps (thrifted NWT $7)
Forever 21 eyeglasses necklace ($3.50)
Adidas black skinny belt (thrifted 99 cents)

Lea Michelle wearing Anthropologie's Blue Book Blouse on Glee last season:

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a pic with Kurt in his eyeglass necklace :(

Charice singing Telephone with Lea Michelle on Glee. Awesomest ever! You go Charice! Btw, I totally want some glasses like this so I can go all nerd chic!


AnthonyA said...

My guide to the The Sunshine Look

1) The Glasses - Topshop Clear Lens Glasses

2 )The Watch - Casio and Casio G-Shock G-5500ts-9er Watch

3) HEllo Kitty Backpack

Matt said...

That's a super cute outfit! Ugh, I get so tired of being told what America isn't ready for (Although if America was ready to get rid of people telling us what we're ready for, I think I could get behind that!) I love the glasses necklace, its really cool! Bummer that you're allergic to nickel. I hope you're having a great day! :)

LilMissSeamstress said...

you are totally right! Nerd Chic is so hot right now. Oh oh!! Don't forget "Daniel Henney" for Asian HOT guy list. He's my favorite!

Laura said...

OMG! Lori, Your entire outfit cost $19.50. It's very cute on you. I have never thrifted. There probably isn't much in Bakersfield to thrift.

Sorry, I am not a TV watcher. So no Glee for me. But I think my BF was watching that show once and ran to turn it on for me, because someone was wearing one of my Leifsdottir dresses. The dress kinda resembles a clown outfit with big ruffles. But much cuter.

I love the miniture eyeglasses necklace. Anthro had some eyeglass necklaces some time back that were huge, hidious, and over-priced. I think it was all they could do to give them away on sale. If it turns out your allergic, just take off the chain and get some leather cording from a bead store.

The email from F21 is so lame. Dah, do ya think nickel is a metal?
They should know what's in their products at all times.

And Daniel Henney is HOT all right.

vintageglam1234 said...

Hey Lori
Loving this outfit on you. It's very office friendly, and that top looks exactly like the Anthro one! How cute is that glasses necklace!
Your comment about the asian men on TV made me laugh! There are hardly any asian men on tv in Australia, (well, there is Guy Sebastian but he doesn't look asian anyway, and that viet Idol contestant, and comedian Anh Do..they aren't hot though), but when they do appear in a TV soap they end up being stereotyped to the max! Usually they play the "nerd" :-)

Caroline said...

I can't wait until glee tomorrow night! so excited and your outfit is perfect :)

Jessica said...

I can't believe F21's customer service is that bad. (But I'm willing to bet that it does contain nickel.)

This outfit is adorable - the blouse is really cute on you!

Jamie - Thrifty Threads said...

You bookworm, you! I love this look, and the necklace's bright blue huge brings out the color in the shirt so nicely. Great styling!

Lori said...

@AnthonyA Thanks for the tips!

@Matt IKR?! here here!

@LilMissSeamstress I admit I hadn't heard of Daniel Henney before! I'll have to see if I can catch him in something on TV/movies. Any recs?

@GeoInCalifornia I know which Leifsdottir dress you're talking about I think... It's got grove in the name, right? I think I ebay stalked it for awhile, but then wasn't sure about sizing so I decided against it... I think it made an appearance on the show "All about your mother." I haven't watched that show myself, but I remember googling the dress and finding it referenced from the show. And great idea on the leather cording! I think I also have some silver chain I could replace this with if necessary.

@vintageglammz boo on stereotyped Asians in the media. I hope that eventually changes over there too so people can see AZNs as more than just the 'model minority'/nerd types

@Caroline Hallemann Thanks! I'm so excited for the Britney episode!

@Jessica IKR? I figured there's a high chance there'd be nickel, but at such a cheap price I figured it was worth a shot to try it :)

@Jamie Thanks! And you got me, I'm a total nerd :)

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