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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Last set of reviews from dressing room marathon: skirts and dresses!

Marston Sweater Skirt by Edme & Estylite
Size S
Impressions: I wish they had this in an XS! I have been very skeptical of this skirt because the pockets in front don't look like they'd be very flattering. They seem like they'd add extra bulk and are a bit functionally silly. But, Traci, the personal shopper, pulled this out for me, and I was pleasantly surprised. Turns out, I actually found the pockets didn't make my hips look that much wider, and they were kinda cute. Also, I love the mustard yellow color. I recently reorganized all my clothes by color, and it made it easier to identify what colors I need want to add to my wardrobe. More yellow was one conclusion. The small was too loose on me, and would have sat about an inch below my true waist and shifted around too much when I moved. Wishlisted! Traci paired this with the Eze Sur Mer top too, and I thought the yellow and navy were quite nice together.

Easy Keeper Skirt by Tracy Reese
Size 2
Impressions: Tracy Reese and I totally have a love affair going. And it turns out that unlike Eva Franco (who spurns my advances at almost every turn), Tracy Reese's clothes generally fit me! This skirt fit my hips well, and was only slightly loose at waist. But even with the slightly large waist, I likely wouldn't notice too much shifting since the skirt fit my hips pretty much exactly. I like the bold plaid and the ruffled front. Wishlisted for sale!

Lorene Dress by Bordeaux
Size XS
Impressions: Aiyah! Traci pulled this one out, but it was a NO GO! Garbage Bag dress. horrifying. i was horrified. photos speak for themselves here.

Learning Curves Dress by Eva Franco
Size 2
Impressions: Oh Eva! Of course you would make this dress like your skirts...too small in hips but too large at waist. The Eva Franco war wages on. Tears were shed. I've been wanting to try this forever, but I couldn't zip it all the way (and I had to belt it past the pre-drilled belt holes for these shots since the waist was so large. Also, the dress was disappointingly not as bright as in catalog shot. And, the bow didn't lay right. And, the zipper felt cheap and difficult to move. Dress fail Eva. Dress Fail.

Perthshire Dress by Edme & Estylite
Size 0 & 2
Impressions: I tried on both a 0 and a 2 in this dress. The 2 was a tad loose in the armpits for me. The 0 provided the best fit overall. Unfortunately, I thought the fabric felt cheap. The fabric also seemed like it would snag on things (like my nails). Also, even though Traci liked it on me, I thought it made me look dowdy. It could have been the length, or it could have been that it was too dark on me? I dunno. On the other hand, Kay looked great in this. It just wasn't for me.

Tweedy Leaves Dress by Tabitha
Size 2
Impressions: This was actually a beautiful fit for me. Perfect both on top and bottom. But is it versatile? Jen mentioned in her review of this dress that dresses that look like separate tops and skirts bother her. They irk me too! I feel like if I like the look, I should just find a skirt and blouse that can achieve the same look. The pieces would then be more functional in other outfits. The personal shopper suggested said I could make this more versatile by layering a longsleeve shirt underneath. I'm not sure. Do y'all think that layering idea would work for this dress? Anyway, I actually really do like this dress. But I have a hard time grappling with it's two-pieced look at full price. Wishlisted for sale.


Cindi said...

I also loved the fit of the last dress on you. Those one/two piece dresses don't look too good on me. And as for layering, I just don't know. The top is already so busy...I'm not sure what would make it not clash.

LilMissSeamstress said...

say NO! to Garbage Bag dress, but don't be discourage by it. Keep on trying~ yellow dress is soooooo cute on you.

Anjali said...

Your reviews are so lively and funny! Such a pleasure to read. You already know how I feel about you in that Easy Keeper skirt -- so fabulous!! Definitely my favorite on you :)

vintageglam1234 said...

Hey Lori!!
Thanks for your reviews. I've always been curious about the learning curve dress. I was attracted to the bow. But i'm thinking twice about it now.
The Lorene Dress is not a great fit at all! shame, otherwise it would have been good!
I like the Marston Sweater Skirt on you. I tried this on too in the Uk. It's on my wishlist, but im not too eager to get it until sale.
Thanks for the reviews again@!

Laura said...

I watched Glee last night and saw the Precious Materials Cardi on one of the characters. OK! So it was my first time watching and I really only wanted to tag Anthro Cloths.

I think I will have to give up on the Perthshire Dress. To many bloggers were not impressed.

I ordered the Liefsdottir Vintage Dots Skirt in size 6. The smallest available. I normally need a 4. If it's too big, I will take it in. I am hoping it will sit low on my hips which will give it additional length, without the pencil skirt becoming to wide due to the larger size.

Most Leifsdottir is TTS for me.


Lori said...

@Cindi I know. I'm thinking layering under it would be weird. but then I was wondering if I just didn't have any creative vision, lol.

@LilMissSeamstress def said no to garbage bag dress :)

@goldenmeans thanks! I'm def going to be keeping an eye on that one for sale!!!! :D

@vintageglammz yah the bow on the learning curve dress looked much better in the catalog then in the store. So disappointed in that dress :(

@Laura I know!! I still regret not getting the precious materials cardi. I was just so worried about taking care of the fuzzy bow...Did you like Glee? :) I think I tried on the vintage dots in a four once and it was too large to sit at my natural waist, but if you want it to sit lower then it will probably be perfect for you!

Kristina Clemens said...

The easy keeper skirt and eze sur mer top look great on you and together! I personally really liked the Tweedy dress when I tried it on. Those dresses don't usually work for me, but shocker! that one did! Thanks for your help. I shot you an email back. So here goes my virgin signature try. =) I'm holding my breath...
Kristing J.

Kristina Clemens said...

Did it work????

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