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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall 2010 Pieces Review #1 Tees!

Tees! Tees can totally anchor a look. A good interesting tee can add just that extra touch of detail - ruffles, color, stripes, texture. At least, that's what I've learned from shopping at Anthro. They have some of the best tees EVAH!

So when I saw the Loosely Looped Tee in the catalog, I swooned! This was one of the pieces I specifically went to go try on at the store!

Loosely Looped Tee by Deletta
Size XS
Impressions: I love the grey pictured on the model, but I have been looking for more purple tops so I grabbed the purple. I took my normal size in Deletta tops (which tend to run big). The XS fit well! And truly, I was not disappointed by the style of the loops of the top. I was slightly worried about tucking in the top when I saw that the draped ruffle of fabric went pretty far down the tee. But even with part of the ruffle tucked in, I thought the top looked great. The sleeve length was nice, and the loops of ruffles didn't overwhelm my head/neck (something I had worried about).

As with many Deletta tees, the cotton spandex fabric was super soft, comfortable, and stretchy! As such the ruffle of fabric wasn't noticeably bulky or uncomfortable when tucked in. The major disappointment with this top? It was too transluscent! You can't tell in the photos on me, but as soon as I put the top on, I could see my bra! That's amazing given that I was wearing a neutral colored bra! I took a pic of my hand under the fabric to give you an idea of the translucency.

Since my nude bra showed, I'd either have to wear a tank under it (which would probably show visible lines) or ignore the fact that you can kind of see my bra. :( With that problem, I wouldn't consider this top until sale. It comes in grey, purple, and black. I also tried on the black, hoping that maybe the darker color would be less revealing. Unfortunately it was still transluscent.

Eze Sur Mer Top by Pilco shown in Blue Motif
Size S
Impressions: The personal shopper picked out this top for me. It's another one of those ubiquitous stripey tops that has ruching-like details in the arms. I have seen all sorts of variations of this top - well everywhere! That said, I still like the look of these tops, and the Eze Sur Mer has a few minor detail differences. Instead of the normal ruching on the sides of the arms, this top has pleats on the shoulders (lol, it sounds so underwhelming when I write it, ha!). It also has some button details at the end of the pleats which add to the nautical jaunty feel of the top.

I would say this fit true to size. I took a small comfortably, but given the stretch in the material I assume you could size up or down in this if you wanted. The cotton fabric was soft and comfortable.

Despite the fact that tops like these are available everywhere, I still loved this - especially in this colorway. It seems like such a versatile top! This color is great for fall although I wouldn't have gravitated naturally to it myself. The pairings the personal shopper chose (with the Marston Sweater Skirt and Easy Keeper Skirt) looked fantastic. Highly recommended!


LilMissSeamstress said...

Lori I am liking the second top aloooooooot!! and matched skirt is very smart! looks great together.

btw.. are you taking these pics at Anthro fitting room? I just can't help but thinking what a great clean floor they have...

My local anthro has hmm..let's say dust-friendly floor haha..

Lucky you.

Cindi said...

I love the second top as well. I'd prob get it right this instant if I were at a store. I need to go again...I'm starting to get the shakes from withdrawal of Anthro!

Anonymous said...

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Laura said...


Thanks for the reviews. Too bad the Deletta top is so thin. I have Little Yellow Buttons Curated Tee in Red. Have to layer under it. I can't possibly wear two layers in Summer in Bakersfield CA. I really don't have enough Anthro Tops. They seem to be the most difficult thing for me to buy online. That and jeans.


Lori said...

@LilMissSeamstress yes, this is the anthro fitting room at Seattle's University Village location. I hadn't been to other locations till recently, but I realize how lucky I am that their dressing rooms are so clean and bright! (great for photo taking, lol)

@Cindi get thee to an Anthro stat!! :)

@Jennifer thanks!

Lori said...

@Laura yes, the eze sur mer is a top along the lines of the curated tee, although I didn't notice transparency with the eze sur mer. And I hear you on buying jeans online. Buying jeans is so tough to get the right fit! (I've also been to Bakersfield in the summer, and you're right! Way too hot to layer too much!)

Anjali said...

You look so awesome in the Loosely Looped Tee! The color and the ruffle placement suit your complexion and frame perfectly. And oh, you make the Easy Keeper Skirt look TDF. Love the pattern mix with the striped Eze Sur Mer.

Kristina Clemens said...

Just wanted to pop over and tell you how great you looked in your Reader Outfit this week...lovin' those boots!

vintageglam1234 said...

Hey there Lori
i really like the detail of the first top, even though it's a bit sheer as you said.
The second top is a fantastic fit and I like the stripes, actually i just like all things nautical! I tried on the easy keeper skirt too, but felt a little overwhelmed by it. will post some pics.
PS- cool blue nail polish!

Peggy said...

I'm happy I found your blog via your comment on mine! I really want that Loosely Looped! That purple looks awesome!

Lori said...

@Goldenmeans i <3 much about the Easy Keeper skirt, I'm just gonna be a good little girl and wait (and hope) for sale!

@Kristina Thanks so much! And I really enjoy seeing your outfits on your bloggy too! :)

@Jen Thanks! I kinda live in this polish right now, lol. I really like the style of loosely looped too, but I'm just not sure how much I'd reach for it if I'm worried about my intimates showin' :)

@Peggy Welcome! I'm glad you stopped by! Anthroholic reader outfit posts always help introduce me to new bloggers to follow :)

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