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Sunday, September 12, 2010

OOTD on gravel :)

IKR?!! like, what THE HECK am I doing in this photo? So, it's not a new pose. :)

Today I dragged our big Bogen tripod (so my pictures can actually be straight for once) and camera down to our yard to try taking some photos. Usually when I use the camera remote, I can hear the camera 'counting down' so I can get ready to take the photo. But today was too windy. So in this pic I'm sitting there going 'why isn't the remote WORKING?!!'


Of course it was in fact working. And I got some pretty funny shots of my frustration at the camera. :) HAHA. But eventually I figured it out!

this next one's for Jin :) I think I'm getting better!

OOTD specs
Grey sequined and ruffled tank by Kische sz S ($15 Nordstrom Rack)
Lisa skinny jeans by Fire Jeans sz 5 ($7 thrifted)
Jean jacket by Ann Taylor Loft sz S ($6 thrifted)
Hue blue socks
Zara suede ankle booties ($7 thrifted)
Porcelain rose necklace - from grade school
Turquoise and Carmelion sterling silver ring ($15 Lake City flea market)

okay okay, so the ring wasn't really chosen to go with the outfit. I just picked it up yesterday at a flea market, and I'm kinda lovin' it. :)


JANE said...

Omg you're hilarious. Guess this is what you get when you can't hear the camera hehe. Cute shots nonetheless. Really dig your booties :)

Meli said...

OK, so not only do I love your outfit whole heartedly (WHAT a top!) but I seriously dig your prices! I only WISH I could find such great bargains!

LilMissSeamstress said...

I see an improvement! It's definitely there keep practicing ~ you look so chic and effortless~

Sherry Lou Studio said...

loveee your shoes! :D you are so cute in your pics!

jennifer & sherry

Lori said...

Thanks everyone!

@Meli22 ikr? gosh I love thrifting. And I'm always SO amazed what people give away!

@LilMissSeamstress lol, I'm definitely enjoying seeing whether I can make this pose work for me, haha.

Cindi said...

Your natural smile is soooo cute and pretty. Can't wait for more to come. I'm loving the booties!

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