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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More dressing room reviews from the annals of my cell phone

Still catching up on reviews! So here goes!

Violet Gloaming Dress
Size: 4 (actually was running a bit large so I'd probably do at least a 2 if I got this)
Impression: Fabric is gorgeous, and I love the ruffled sleeves! But seriously???! The length is hideous. Why is it so long? It makes my legs look stumpy!

Furoshiki Packaged Chemise
Size: I can't remember, this may have been a size S
Impression: I had no idea this was a chemise when I grabbed this. Who would wear this to sleep? As a dress, it's kind of cute in an anime sort of way (a friend specifically pointed to Sailor Moon)

Walkway Dress by Tracy Reese
Size: XS
Impression: This dress is super comfy and stretchy. For people who have natural hourglass figures, this will be so flattering! I like how they styled this in the catalog with a skinny white belt. Very retro chic. But again, what is with the length of this skirt? PAST THE KNEES! Anthro seems pretty committed to making my legs look stumpy this season!

Also like many of you, I've tried on the Cream Confection Jacket. Interestingly, it was after I tried on last year's BCBG ruffle front jacket from last year. In the next review I'll compare the Cream Confection jacket to the BCBG version and the INC and Style & Co versions (thanks Square Root of Style for finding the latter two versions!)


LilMissSeamstress said...

Second one is my best! It looks NONE like chemise!
And there is something special about your socks that I miss sometime when I see your pictures without hehe

=^_^= said...

I love the Cream Confection Jacket! Curious about your upcoming review. That one is also one I might not wait until it hit the sales rack to pick up.

Buy Product Online said...

Nice Dress!

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