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Monday, January 31, 2005

busy week

work is going to be busy busy this week. I'll try to keep up with posting/knitting.

Didn't do too much knitting this weekend. I did a lot of staining and varnishing of a recent craigslist purchase though :) Last night I came upon this entry from Autumnsnowdust's blog. I had never thought much of the ruffles scarf, but this scarf looks amazin in the colors she chose and with a simple black tank. It's not the ruffles pattern. It's actually a very simple pattern at knitters review.

Basically cast on 90 sts
row 1: knit
row 2: bar increase every stitch
repeat these two rows two more times and finish with a knit row (row 7), bind off...
The pattern called for size 13 needles which I happily used until the 6th row and all the increases didn't fit on one needle, so I put as much as i could on one needle, put a rubberband around the top to keep the stitches from slipping off, and continued knitting onto a third size 13 needle. I just need to bind off now, but I'll do that later when I catch a break. I'll post pics tomorrow.

to augment the tiny post...

a meme from Needles and Niels!

Go to Google Images and find pictures for the following things:

# first car

# place you grew up

# place you live now

# what shows up when you type your name in- first, and LJ/Blog name

# favorite food

# favorite drink

# favorite song

# favorite smell

# favorite pair of shoes ever

1987 toyota camry

Orinda, CA

Redwood City, CA

Lori - umm... maybe i do have a pornstar name... picked the first least offensive one, non random human

lwu81 turned up some images, but they were old, and the links were bad :(

Chinese Food


tie between "Danny's Song"

or "Little Moments"

onions and bacon sauteed

my blue suede asics sneakers. mine have white lines and are more like jogging shoes.


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