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Friday, January 07, 2005

headache-y afternoon

I think I need some caffeine.

For people who haven't seen the amazing support happening in the knit blogosphere, go over to Yarn Harlot's blog. Through knit blogger support, she's helped raise almost $30,000 for MSF.

I donated to MSF US for their emergency fund (not tsunami related. I donated to the red cross for the tsunami efforts with ervy via EA who matches our contributions 2:1).

Even though I am a novice spinner, I'm donating my latest yarn to the Yarn Harlot's MSF efforts. It's 169 yards of lavendar alpaca/shetland plied with purple polyester thread and white billowy feathers.

I will post a better pic of it tomorrow once it's finished drying/setting. I will let Stephanie choose from those who have emailed her about donating to MSF.

Besides the new tsunami yarn, I haven't spun anything else. I did pick up a bunch of things I want to use for spinning. 3 bags of feathers (purple, green and white), 1 sparkly heart garland (I'm going to cut the hearts off and spin them into yarn, sequins (yay sparkly yarn), and wilton icing dyes for dyeing.

I know the fry along doesn't officially start until February 1st, but I couldn't help wanting to start my fried goods :)

I went to Michael's to find the colors of yarn I needed. I have to say, I didn't like any of the yellows (yolks should be more of an orangey yellow). Finally I picked out a lemon yellow from Caron.

And then, I made bacon... well undercooked bacon. And today I made an egg.


Asha's been such a beggar lately. I feel bad even walking past the closet, she gets so excited about the possibility of being given more food.

Ervy picked up some fun fish bowls he's wanted at Marshall's. They're pretty cute.


Jenn said...

I so love your bacon and egg! The bacon reminds me of the soy bacon I got at Trader Joes... I think it's the Morningstar stuff. It looks just like that! Ha! Can't wait to see the finished project.

IndigoMuse said...

I still think that the breakfast pattern is too funny. Thanks for the wonderful blog comment. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your spinning! You have inspired this spinning newbie in a major way. I've just finished and plied my second effort and am quite proud of myself. I'm considering beads in the future. Looks like fun...


Ballerina Baller said...

wow! just going thru the harlots back logs and your yarn sounded so cool, i had to come check it out!

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