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Friday, January 28, 2005

you ate what?

yeah. i don't know what i ate, but yesterday I stayed home from work in the morning because I had food poisoning the night before... or something. I was sick much of the night before. ick factor. And I had a headache that pounded like Taiko.

But I'm all better now, just a little busy. Both my part time jobs have been pulling for my time this week.

Today I made a trip to evil Walmart at my boss's request. I needed to pick up some cheap fabric for the walls of our experiment room. The whole time going through walmart, all these looming signs with amazingly cheap prices jumped at me. I think it was frightening really.

The woman in front of me at the cutting table was buying a lot of flower printed fabric. Trying to make conversation, I asked what she would be making with it. As it turns out, she was sending all the fabric back home to her family on an island in Guam to make clothes for themselves. What a sad state of things is that? I nearly cried right there. It was also humbling to hear the sales associates talk about what they could eat for dinner on their breaks. One of them had brought bread and butter to share with the other for dinner. I reflected on all the leftovers ervy and I hadn't been able to finish this week, and I felt ashamed at our waste.

totally switching topics: knitting
I discovered that I really like the Rowan Big Just Got Bigger pattern for Beau Capelet. Now I didn't think I was a fan of capelets, but I now think it really depends on what you pair it with (clothing wise). It can look quite nice. So I'm making a trial capelet. I may frog it if I hate it tho.

I'll leave you with what is on my bobbin currently:


Delia said...

Food poisoning definitely sucks, I had the joy of being targeted about 7 months ago. Hope you are feeling better!

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