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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

instead of blogging this morning and showing you my sophie bag's beaded handles

I pulled all my stuff together and made it to one of the Stanford knitting group's (the Knit Wits) lunch meetings. Today it met in the CSRE department, and I stopped in to see my friend Chris Queen who had originally told me about the knitwits. She has something like tendonitus in her elbows and she hasn't been able to knit since christmas (I think I should knit her something in sympathy, any suggestions?).

The group was smaller than the group that met at Nathania's for the knit in. There were only eight of us in the CSRE library. There are multiple groups that meet all over campus though (Why can't they be like the San Jose State Stitch and Bitch and have one large group?). There's actually another meeting tomorrow in the education building.

I've decided that I LOVE knitting with other people. Spinnity really knows what she's talking about. Knitting groups are the BEST. I got to show off my finished Sophie bag complete with sparkly beaded handle (another girl was working on the French Market Bag), I taught someone how to cast on, and I was invited as a guest to attend a Black Sheep Guild meeting down here on the penninsula. I have been contemplating visiting this group. There are handweavers, dyers, spinners, etc. Sounds like fun.

BTW, Nathania posted more pics of the knit in here. I can't emphasize enough how much fun I had. It was a shame I had to leave early, but my friends had planned to see Appleseed (an anime in theaters, but dubbed here in america) that night. Also check out the awesome brownies that Nancy brought, not only were they tasty, but they made for a great story.

ervy and i had a lovely anniversary last night. I made enchiladas, and he made margaritas. He also brought fresh raspberries, apple, and banana along with two humongous chunks of Scharfenberger dark chocolate for fondue. It was the BEST fondue I've ever had! And it went lovely with a bottle of champagne to celebrate the evening.


Jacqueline said...

Lori - the wool for that socks is Fortissima socka colour 1018.

If you have difficulty getting it let me know and I'll score you some.

BTW - I hope you don't mind me using your Life Aquatic cap idea. I'm going to make the baby Zissou hat tonight.

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