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Sunday, January 02, 2005

meet the newest addition to the household:

I may name him Wally. We'll see if the name sticks. I've spun up two skeins already, one using some white merino I bought off ebay a while back

the other skein was from this delicious wool fiber that came with the wheel (bought from Carolina Homespun in the city)

ervy says it's like i'm spinning Elvira's hair.

Spinning on the wheel is fun, but very different from the spindle in that it's a ton faster (yay!). I just need to get the hang of keeping treadling and drafting my fibers at a good rate.

spinning with the two different fibers was interesting too. The merino has such a short staple length that I often got short little nubbies instead of the thick slubs I got with the longer stapled wool. I am definitely not spinning very evenly on this yet. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon! :)


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