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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Boy Howdy!

I'm back in the Bay Area again! I couldn't wait to come home. I hate being sick when I'm traveling.

all things Texas
I made it back here with more Texan memorabilia.

Check out these Longhorn Stockings I picked up at Krogers the night before I left:

And super cool ervy found me an awesome treeskirt to match. Next year's tree is gonna be awesome:

I picked up this sticker at the M's house. They were sent it in the mail:

And Mrs. M picked up these for me at the post office. They're of the Texas stamp which includes a picture of a longhorn and the Alamo. It's on a canvas bag and a teddybear sweatshirt:

And the crazy family (family friends of the M's) gave us these. I got a Texas state quarter, and ervy got a totally kitch vase that says, "I love Texas":

Hot damn! All I gotta say is yeehaw!

These were a couple other things that escaped my knitting recount from the holiday season.

My parents also bought me Vintage Knits from my amazon wishlist:

And I'm probably the last knitter on earth to pick this calendar up, but I finally bought it at barnes and noble for 6.50. Too bad I don't need a million calendars. Next year I'm totally getting the origami one!


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