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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Today I smell light + graceful & floral + romantic

according to the scents I sprayed on from my scentacular gift from paulie

It's a very fun kit from The Body Shop. They recommend you only spritz on two scents at a time, otherwise I think you'd just be really smelly. :)


Thanks to Kae, I successfully got the FiberRAOK yahoo invite! Wow there are so many members! I'm going to have a lot of fun reading everyone's blog and sending out gifties!

Thanks also to Toni for pointing out the Asian Knitters Ring. I will definitely join later today. Hey Minli! There are other Singaporean knitters there!

Yesterday Sheep In the City made a really neat fry along button that now resides on my sidebar. She also asked people what yarns they were thinking of using. So of course I ran over to to see if there were some good yarns there. I'm thinking of useing some of the peruvian highland wool since they have quite a few colors of it. Of course I may just run to Michaels today and get some fun acrylics to knit it all up in. I was eager to start some of the fried pieces yesterday, but I realized that I had NONE of the colors of yarn needed for the project. I have absolutely NO yellow or beiges and what not. I have some white acrylic somewhere, but I couldn't find it yesterday.

Still, I was craving the knit last night, so I picked up my sophie bag and continued to knit it. I haven't touched it since right before the xmas knitting frenzy.

Yesterday I also knitted up ervy's second geek wristwarmer (from stitch n' bitch). He wants to get a tea pot for work, so I think I'll make him a tea cozy to match his wrist warmer. He'll be the envy of all other geeks :)

I also FINALLY packed up my presents for my uncle and auntie in Seattle. Here's a last minute crap photo of the Irish Hiking Scarf I made my uncle. It's two skeins of Lion Brand Jiffy in grey (I hate the stuff and will never ever use it again) and black Caron Simply Soft for around the neck part.

Let's start off with some happy pictures of the Punk Girl Fashion shall we? It's 2 1/4 oz and about 80-90 yds (I lost count at some point, because I was trying to hold a conversation at the same time).

That yarn makes me happy. Now let's see the yarn that makes me sad.

Okay. Well it's not so much sad as just weary. Yesterday I decided I would ply my dyed blue alpaca/shetland single to itself. It was 139 yards, and I knew if I plied it with another yarn, I'd have to cut it, and that seemed like such a shame. So of course I had the brilliant idea to wind it with the ball winder and then take the yarn end from inside the pull skein and ply it with the yarn end from the outside of the skein while also plying it all with purple thread with brown shiny beads on it.


well it worked for a little bit. But it started to get really tangled because the yarn from the outside of the skein started wrapping around the yarn from the inside of the skein below where I was pinching and plying. So when I tried to undo this mess, the thread with the beads got horribly tangled, such that I had to cut the thread there and continue to ply without the beads and thread. That finished up okay, but I need to go back and ply the rest with thread and beads. It was really just tiring. It's my little spinning rant. Sorry :) It's now 68 yds long and 2 1/2 oz.

That of course made me so weary that I didn't even touch the lavender dyed alpaca/shetland. Here it is still in single form. It's ~150 yds long right now and 2 1/4 oz


Lisa said...

That Body Shop kit is cool! Your sophie looks great, too. What yarn are you using? Those yarns you spun look absolutely amazing. I need to pick up my spindle again and give spinning another try. Welcome to the Fiber RAOK group :)

Christina said...

Sorry about your trouble with the blue alpaca/shetland. It looks fine in the photo. But I know the experience must have been frustrating. I guess you win some you lose some?

Stephanie said...

the wool is cool

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