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Monday, January 24, 2005


This weekend I was RAOK'd TWICE! Stacey sent me a gift certificate from Adagio Teas! I've been wanting to try their Oolong teas so this is absolutely perfect!

Then on Sunday, I was surprised again with another RAOK. Kathy sent me a gift certificate to World Wide Chocolate. MMmmmmm.... chocolate. I spent last night looking through all the chocolates online before bed... which of course made me crave chocolate all night. *drool* Thanks Kathy!

despite some random back spasm-y problems this weekend, I actually got a lot done.

I finished knitting my pastor hat, but I found that it is really for someone with a large head (ie it fits ervy). I'll send it along, but I also knit up a second hat to send to Stacey for the pastor. Here are both of them, as modeled by gir.

This stuffed gir, btw, has an enormous head, which is why these hats fit quite well on him. He is the largest of the three that I gave to ervy for his birthday.

Since ervy's been on such a tea kick (thanks to Alton Brown), I also bought him a small teapot to bring to work. Alton recommended cast iron tea pots, but since those would break my budget, I bought ervy a little black porcelain tea pot. This weekend I finished his gifty and made his teapot a cozy (based off of the knitty teapot cozy). One side says:

the other side says:

Because it's not just any geek's teapot... it's EVAN's teapot. yeah that's right! of course being me, I was going to put "ervy" on that other side instead of "evan," but apparently ervy's friend jaap likes to tease him about being called ervy... *wave... HI JAAP!*

Here's the back of the cozy for good measure. I'm not quite sure how it is supposed to be tied in back, so I just threaded through the holes, and this is what I got.

I have been contemplating making a pair of socks. I know there's a simple pattern in Weekend knitting (which i own), so I may check that out. I realize i need to get some smaller dpns and some sock yarn before I try this out... hmmm... knitpicks yarn? I've been holding off buying from them, but it's just so tempting! Of course, I still have quite a few other knitting projects planned, so I may stick this sock idea on the back burner.


I spun up three yarns this weekend I am quite happy with. I spun up these two garden inspired yarns on Friday:

I had bought the CUTEST bees, dragonflies, and ladybugs buttons at michaels during their dollar sale, and I had planned to ply them with the yarn... But woe is me... I sadly found that despite the buttons' small sizes, they could not fit through the orifice on my flyer. So I ended up returning all the buttons *le sigh*

with the last single of canary yellow, I spun up Birdie:

I like her a lot!

I'm waiting on some fiber I won on ebay 3 weeks ago! I finally emailed the seller last week, and apparently, their shipment wasn't in, and they had listed the fiber thinking it was coming in. So as of Saturday, my fiber still hasn't SHIPPED! I'm a little peeved. I'd heard good things about this ebay seller, so I don't think this is representative of their practice, but since this is the first time I'm dealing with them, I'm extra aggravated.


Ervy's birthday was nice. I brought him lunch at his work, and got to see his new floor/cube. Adam, Paulie, and Emi were taking off for the weekend for Tahoe, so we celebrated on ervy's real birthday. We went out to dinner at Sichuan Delight and had lots of tasty spicy food.

Friday night, I had a craving for fried chicken. Not knowing where to get good fried chicken around here, Ervy, Fu, and I headed out to Armadillo Willy's. On our way there, Fu called us. He was frightened by the Armadillo Willy's parking lot, and suggested Marie Callendars instead. Now, see, I used to go to Marie Callendars as a child with my family, and I remembered it fondly/nostalgically.... all that has been dreadfully trashed. Marie Callendars was dark and depressing, and the food was really icky... way too much butter (I know that sounds like it could be a good thing, but trust me... umm... no). I felt really sick afterwards. So feeling sick, we rented Super Size Me, and watched the narrator get sick on McDonald's. Good movie btw :)

Last night ervy and I made one of the tastiest meals EVER! I made poached fish in a spicy tomato sauce with garlic toast. Ervy made Camarones al Diablo from Rick Bayless's tv show (Mexico one plate at a time) and a fresh lettuce salad with Mexican cheese.

Everything was beautiful, and the flavors were perfect. The shrimp was spicy, but buttery and sweet at the same time! The fish was refreshing and light. The salad was fresh and crunchy and went perfectly with the salty mexican cheese.

Poached Fish in Spicy Sauce with Garlic Toast

Camarones al Diablo

Fresh Salad with Mexican Cheese

and it all looked lovely on my new placemats and tablecloth :)


Kelly Tanner said...

Well, who's better than you? I got your gifties today when I got in, and I had to say Thank you, Thank you! The stitch markers are absolutely perfect - just the size ands shape I'm always scrounging around looking for - and I will love using the notepad. I'm so glad to see you got RAOK'ed this week as well - all best, thanks again, and love your blog. You've made me extremely hungry with those photos.

Jenny Hassler said...

Oh, wow! I love, love, love the yellow with feathers!!!! How did you do that????

Delia said...

1. The teapot cozy is WAY cool.
2. The yarns are fabulous!
3. Are those placemats from Cost Plus? If so, your knitting twin has a set in blue...
4. THANK YOU for the candy & card last week!!!! Great way to start my weekend....

Lori said...

Kelly and Delia, I'm so glad you both got your gifties :)

Jenane, I sent you an email trying to explain how I did the yarn.


1. thanks! Ervy likes its geekiness too.
2. thank you thank you :)
3. they may have been, i picked em up at Ross, where I also saw them in a beige-y sandy colorscheme
4. Your very welcome!

Suzanne said...

I'm totally drooling over the green and yellow yarn!!
You have a great eye for colors and matches!

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