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Friday, January 14, 2005

drive by blogging

quick blogging, gotta run to the store to pick up stuff to make curry for tonight's potluck... i hope people like curry... need to make rice...


last night i was continued knitting at the hat for the pastor, thanks to the knitting lj community, my questions were answered about the pattern.

then around 10pm, i started thinking how sad it was that my ervy was so cold all day yesterday. He deserved a hat too! I had picked up a bunch of wool ease thick and quick in pumpkin color (they were on sale 50% off at michaels because i guess the seasonal color is out). So I made ervy a Life Aquatic hat like Ned's. I didn't finish before ervy left for work tho. My fingers and arms are sore from knitting like a maniac. Anyway, here's the hat:

and me modeling the hat. It's a bit too large for me, but it fits ervy's head nicely (he's got a monster sized noggin')


illanna said...

Your hat is SOOSOOOOO cool! I love the little traffic lights!!!! ---Illanna from RAOK

Michelle said...

I love the traffic lights! Did you make that little patch? Or did you find it somewhere?

Jacqueline said...

You have inspired me to make one just like the one Jane's baby wore for my buddy's baby!

You rock!

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